2019/05/14 - Market & Fleet Broadcast Issues

Hey guys,

We’re currently investigating issues with the market in game and with fleet broadcasts.

Apologies for the issues this is causing, we’ll give more updates in this thread as soon as we can.

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12:30 UTC

Investigation into issues is still ongoing - apologies for the disruption this is causing.

12:45 UTC

We’re currently in the process of faultfinding and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

13:00 UTC

Investigation is still ongoing, more information as soon as we have it!

13:15 UTC

We’re currently still investigating the issues with Tranquility and hope to have things resolved as soon as possible, apologies for the disruption that these problems are causing.

13:30 UTC

Services are beginning to recover, however we’re still investigating underlying issues with the cluster.

13:45 UTC

Issues with Tranquility have been successfuly resolved and we are now monitoring the health of the cluster.

:heart: Apologies for the disruption to gameplay :heart:

:heart: Normal serious spaceship business may now resume :heart:


This is really unforgivable, noone can be this bad with auto-updating on-call data.



everyday that the chat service is broken


Is anyone else having issue with the chat channels not working as engineered and broadcasts not working at all?

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I had someone in my corporation show up in my public channel, but not in the corp channel moments ago. It did not cause me any difficulties this time, but does seem indicative of a malfunction somewhere.

Another topic further corroborates the issue: Major chat problems

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logged in , found out that chat channels are broken , also local broken , logged off.


On one account I have 7 dudes in local, and the other one has 62 in the same system.

I assume that all losses will be reimbursed due to local brakedowns like this.

I really wonder why I pay 60€ a month for this crap.


Now why on earth would you do that?!? This is the perfect moment to go have some fun (usually at the expense of some bots somewhere…)

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still local not working i have 7 toons in citadel and 6 in local

I had one character in game, it wouldn’t load a new system after jumping a wormhole then froze up saying my ship was no longer in space when I tried to logout. Can’t login now on any characters…

It’s more than just market and fleet. Also jumping lag and other things.


yeah clients wont start up, fleetinvites get lost, systems wont load after jumping.
so its not only the market and chat

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The Forge regional market is full of unpaid workers! Please pay them ASAP CCP!

It’s taco Tuesday in Jita so…

Permaband Sabre’s broke the game because they’re too awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Look, I don’t expect the same availability as bigger mainframe systems. However, it’s getting laughable at this point. Stop getting distracted by new shiny things and fix the core of your game, please!


the forums still work :wink:

Well, it’s the only part of eve that includes lots of player interaction.

So yes, I guess the forums is the game now. :smiley: