Pilots in local but not showing up in local

First time Ive seen this today. A number of pilots in local not actually showing in local in FW space… i thought I had the system mostly to myself and was wondering why i could see more pilots on scanner. Then I saw one docked that definitely wasn’t in local. Did a quick reboot of client and boom dozens in local.

Can your local chat get D/C’d somehow and thus give you a false positive of what’s really in a system?

Had no idea this was an issue.

yes, in some cases local from system A will appear in system B

i used this when i sold goonswarm, the guy wanted to inspect the goon fleet so i sent him to a system and he said “there’s nobody here” and i said “oh its cuz chat is messed up again” and he said “i dont see anyone at all though” and i said "good, they are cloaked as they should be " and he said “very good, give my commendation to the FC”… and then he bought goonswarm for like 500b

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Welcome to the EVE online chat servers. Known for their spotty reliability.

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This happens when the chat “disconnects” and “reconnects.”

It’s been like this for years now, and still hasn’t been fixed. However, there are many new packages in the EVE store for your enjoyment, and it accepts many convenient payment methods to get you into the action as quickly as possible.


Thanks for the response! I think a part of me that relies so much on local just perma died. I feel… horrified.

Is there a way to tell the chat client has disconnected? Happened again for me just now where local seems empty, but then a dozen pilots dock

There’s a red text message in chat that appears when it happens. Maybe not always.

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