CCP Please fix warp on undock ship stuck behind station

This is extremely annoying.

It’s a basic requirement that a game is fixed without these major glitches before being launched.

How old is Eve now?

If you undock and try to warp to a location that takes you behind the station your ship gets stuck.

Use insta-undock bookmark. It is super effective.


If you try and warp through an object, you have to reach warp speed before you collide or else you’ll just bump off. Undocking is no different than just sitting there and deciding to warp. If you want to warp to something on the other side, either use an undock BM so you aren’t anywhere near the station, or at least coast a bit further out first.

Personally, I think it’s hilarious to watch haulers get juggled right at the undock b/c they were in such a hurry to mash Warp instead of getting clear first.


What’s your point?

Uhh… the point is you need to stop making so many crybaby threads, and just learn how to play the game? Every time I’ve seen your name around here lately, it’s to cry about something.


It’s user error.

They decided to fix that more than two years ago, but most likely the CSM goons lobby (related to high sec freighters pilots bumping/griefing and ganking) made them to give up on that.
Look at video time 51:40, you can also observe how timorous and defensive he is knowing that this change will most likely be meet by the goons opposition. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you.

Thread closed.

Show me on the doll where the bad goon…

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