I have been stuck in warp for five mintues with no sign of ending

Have you tried shutting down warp drive and switching it on again?

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I could not do that but i left the game and it fixed it’s self

Problem solved. :gear:

for now but how many times has it happened before and how many times will it happen in the future

There are “bugs” then there are “glitches”. I think that was a glitch.

I’ve had it happen once or twice. Restarting the game seems to be the solution. It’s annoying but nothing more. (Unless it happens in a fleet jump, when its ******* annoying.)

Usually during huge fleet battles. The lag is real.

Best time to go afk and make a coffee it sounds like.

Slow warp bump?

Usually during huge fleet battles. The lag is real.

Time dilation o/

You can do a ‘safe’ log off…press Escape and do log off from the option at the bottom of the screen there. I’ve been stuck inside a stargate a number of times.

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Warp mechanics - EVE University Wiki is a great place to learn how warp works. If you find yourself stuck can control+space (stop ship, cancel warp) and double click away from any object you may be stuck on.

Additionally if your still having issues, there is a Gameplay > Stuck section for contacting GM’s when you Submit a Ticket.

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