Warp to 0 on Stations

I heard people making docking bookmarks. But doesn’t the warp to 0 make redundant? I don’t see how this saves time, but I’m sure it does since people do it.

Because warp to zero doesn’t always warp to zero. Sometimes it will leave you 1,500m or so from the station and you have to slow boat in to dock for another few seconds. Seconds that could be crucial in certain situations. That’s why players make instant docks and instant undocks from stations…


Docking radius is 500 meters. Warp to Zero can place you outside of that because it picks a point in a small sphere around the landing point. So if you land greater than 500 meters out, your ship will come to a complete stop, then slowly accelerate up to close the distance. That is plenty of time for a ganker to target your ship and volley you.

So warp to 0 can deviate but bookmarks can’t? So if I make a bookmark while touching a station, I can save myself time?

You will land in a small sphere around the bookmark. But the difference is that with the bookmark, you can guarantee that every point within that landing area is within the docking radius.

Lol. Ok first docking radius may change station to station… some stations are kick out station which means when you undock you throw out of docking ring. Insta dock and insta undock bookmarks primary value is NOT saving time. Most cases they are for saving your ass. Make insta dock bm is very easy … for insta undock there is two method bad lazy one and proper one which one you will use which cases … these are you need to read up

Your warp to command can land up to 2500m away from your intended goal.

So you want to be inside the docking ring, and 2500m meters away from the station model, to ensure instant docking.

Also remember an Orca or other large ships can impact the station and rebound, so take that into consideration.

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Warp to 0 lands you on a sphere of 2500m around your target. (So if multiple ships warp to the same bookmark, they won’t land right on top of eachother.)

If the 2500m sphere around your bookmark is within the the docking ring of the station, you will always land within docking range.

If you warp to 0 on the edge of the docking ring of a station (without bookmark), you may sometimes end up just outside docking range and sometimes within.

At any station that I want to use more often I make an instadock bookmark and an insta-undock bookmark.

Why the insta-undock? What is it used for?
Thank you.

Probably to avoid the high sec station campers who want a quick gank. In high sec some gankers are near stations and gates. In low sec, I’ve only heard of gate campers, I guess stations are safe?


Oh ok. Thank you. Now I just have to find out how make an undock BM.

If the biggest cargo you pilot is a T1 industrial without cargo expanders, you’re probably fine as long as you don’t carry blueprints.


I am a new player myself, I don’t know how often gankers go for low value stuff, but I assume they go for the more expensive stuff.

I don’t plan to pilot cargo hulls and I’ll transport blueprints in something innocuous like a shuttle or corvette.

Let me tell you, gankers can sometimes find blueprint shuttles and you can see some on zkillboard, a heck of a lot in 2011 to 2018 but there are some every year. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe they have spies. Maybe they were attacking shuttles indiscriminately. Maybe they were stalking someone they thought was doing ME research and decided based on “OK, he was in this system for 1 hour, this for 5, he logged out, then he went here” and concluded a blueprint was coming. So don’t consider yourself safe if you have a blueprint. Don’t haul them autopilot (well you really shouldn’t haul anything autopilot, but if it’s small non blueprint non relic stuff, a lot of gankers wouldn’t bother). Be ready to warp. Yadda, you know the usual stuff.

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How did Aura put it… “Once you’re undock, all bets are off” ?
Whether you carry blueprints or nothing at all, the word “safe” is only applicable in the dock area.

They have spies (alts) and also do attack indiscriminately. I’m 100% concentrated when I’m in space and I never hurry through. I’d dock if I have a bad feeling anywhere I happen to be.

Autopilot. I don’t even know why the button exists.

Technically yes, but in practice if what you’re carrying isn’t a blueprint, (implant, fullerene or relic, but usually people carrying those know full well what they’re doing) and you can fit it in a frigate or T1 industrial without expanded cargo holds, you’re pretty safe.

Mostly. On the most part. Predominantly. Ōku no baai/ おうく の ばあい. Většinou. Maxime. Himnakanum. Principalement. Meist. For det meste

If you’re not carrying those three things and what you bring can fit in a T1 industrial, you probably don’t need to bother using the undock bookmark and can just warp to whatever gate you were headed to.

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I try to go by who’s in local. But I don’t fly silly. Only two days and I know who are the gankers in my region, mostly. Still figuring out their alts.

I’ve been around a while, and so what I fly does reflect a general “lot more skill training” than a new player would have. But on occasions I still use T1 haulers and other ships as appropriate (cheap/expedient).

I’ve had a general rule of “no more than 6m ISK in a T1 hauler - such as a Bestower”. The rule I use is based on 6000 ISK/EHP - that is fairly conservative, people do use a higher figure. It depends on your risk appetite. The aim is to make it more expensive for the ganker to do the kill than they are likely to get in profit.

For the more bulky high value items I use either a Prorator (a T2 Blockade Runner - cloaky and slippery, lower volumes) or an Impel (T2 Deep Space Transport - a gold brick with a big hold). If it’s low volume and high value then I use a travel fitted Interceptor - get the align time below 2 seconds and you are generally safe (there are edge cases there, but sub-2 seconds is a happy place). I think you now need an nullification module if you are heading into nul-sec, but I’m a high-sec operator mainly.

A similar “fast aligning travel ship” could be built from something like an Executioner or the other T1 tacklers. A couple of Inertial Stabs and a low friction nozzles rig will get it below 2 seconds if you help it with some skill training. They also don’t draw attention.

Situational awareness and flying in a safe way is generally the best defence. I’ve been ganked once or twice successfully (my fault - was taking a risk and I don’t haul often) and unsuccessfully a couple of times (a squeaky moment in an overheated maximum tank Impel). Make sure you have good navigational bookmarks: a good long undock - ideally well off the local grid. And use it. Make sure you know the MWD/Cloak trick (Google it). Don’t be a tempting target. Don’t use autopilot (people will see you aren’t paying attention). Give serious consideration to a courier service, such as PushX or Red Frog to transfer the risk if you need to. Set know ganking groups to very low standing. Watch local for spikes or groups of pilots that make you nervous. Know the likely ganking hotspots (such as the Mehatoor Pipe). It’s like walking in the rough bits of town - you behave appropriately.

Just like an insta-dock bookmark to avoid getting caught when you warp to a station in high sec (or anywhere else really), an insta-undock bookmark also minimises the time you are lockable next to the station.

When you exit a station your ship always points in the same direction (with some small variance). If you have a bookmark hundreds or thousands of km away in that direction, you can warp there once you exit. This will immediately warp you, as you are already up to speed and aligned in the right direction, rather than give potential enemies the time to lock you up while you align towards your next destination.

How I make an insta-undock bookmark:

  • Undock in a cheap ship, don’t change direction. If it’s safe, keep doing this for a dozen km, make a bookmark and dock up again.
  • Repeat a few times until you have multiple bookmarks in the same general direction.
  • You now have an idea of the direction your ship exists the station from. Exit again and pick the bookmark closest in the middle of the bookmarks you made. Continue for a few hundred km. You now have an insta-undock bookmark!

(You could also continue flying longer before you make the bookmark, to be safer in case the enemies have bookmarks near your bookmark. Also smart is to leave multiple insta-undock bookmarks at different distances so you don’t get predictable always using the same distance as they may take their time to make their own bookmark there.)

How to use an insta-undock bookmark:
You undock, see there are potential enemies on the undock. No need to hurry, you have a few seconds invulnerability. Rightclick your bookmark and immediately warp off. Give your next warp command quick in case they’re vigilant and brought combat probes.


Do you mean they showed up and went away or did they open fire?