Leaving Stations in Low Sec

So I have a fast, cloaky Prorator with sub 3 second align. I have glided through many a gate camp in both high and low sec. Eventually, I decided to begin conducting business at stations in low sec. It wasn’t long before I was ganked upon leaving a station. Obviously, I cannot cloak until I move away from the station. It would seem my sub 3 second align is a bit longer when leaving a station. Is there any way around this??? TIA

Making an insta-(un)dock bookmark is a good idea for any stations you plan to use frequently especially if they are in busy systems or have station campers (or just in general).

They’re pretty simple to make, you could even use the free corvette you can get at each station to make one, so you don’t have to risk anything with any value. Though at least fitting a MWD would be a nice idea, since with a civilian AB it’s going to take a bit to get 150+KM from the station.



You would think I would have heard of that by now but I haven’t. I read up on it. That’s exactly what I need! Thanks so much!


Well yeah. The align time on the ship fitting window is calculated from sitting at a standstill. When you leave a station you’re not sitting still. Hence it can take relatively much longer if you undock with a heading in the opposite direction.


Yep, with a good insta-undock bookmark you can undock and warp off right under the noses of station campers.

I usually make both an insta-dock and insta-undock bookmark on any NPC station I plan to use more often.


Also if you find yourself station camped and don’t have an insta-undock, the best thing you can do is immediately hit “stop ship” and dock back up. After undocking, you are invulnerable for 30 seconds, unless you do anything besides stopping your ship.

But beware, some stations throw you out outside of docking range, making this trick impossible. Look up “kickout stations” for more details.


Stopping your ship before warping can also help with your align time which if short enough can still let you through the camp.

So if no instaundock bookmark and it is a kickout station maybe the best bet is to come to a halt and warp from there just make sure not to let your undock invulnerability timer expire before initiating warp.


I actually don’t think that’s true. The stopping of the ship has less change of velocity per second than a straight align because of the logarithmic nature of the velocity over time as it approaches the maximum value. I could be wrong in this though.

Not sure what you’re talking about it is a fact that if you align from being zero velocity you align faster than if you move towards a different direction than your warp direction, which is not just based on the mechanics involved but also personal experience so even mathematically should be the same kind of odd to expect anything different to be honest because this is how the game works.

With the obvious exception of if your warp direction coincides with your undock direction as then the fact you already move fast enough to warp means if you stop you will have to accelerate again but this is obvious and is basically the same case as having an instaundock bookmark which is not what my post was about anyway as clearly stated in it.


Yeah ok sorry I misunderstood. It is indeed faster to warp from a stop than warp from a heading in which you were traveling that is away from your destination.

I thought you were saying that it is faster, when warping in the opposite direction, to first stop the ship and then initiate the warp. You are correct in your synopsis.

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