Does MWD/Cloak trick make sense on a fast-aligning ship?

I have a ship which aligns unaided in under 2 seconds. when I use the Cloak/MWD trick the align time goes up to nearly 3 seconds. If I encounter trouble at a gate, am I better off to use the Cloak/MWD trick, or should I just warp away relying on my sub-2 sec align time to keep me safe ?

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To answer your title question: no.

With one exception, you are in a bubble and not nullified. Then you want to use the cloak / MWD to get to the edge without being caught, or get back to gate, whatever your escape plan is.


If youre at a gate camp, you must MWD/cloak why? because an insta lock is a scary thing when youre hauling billions of isk. The MWD will move your ship and allow you to steer clear of the interceptors that are closing in to get within your decloak bubble. But if your going 500m/s they wont be able to burn to you.

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when your mwd is ON, your align time is longer. So if you are in an instawarp ship and not in a bubble (or nullified), don’t use the mwd cloak trick

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the “instawarp” (<2s) can still be caught.

Does not happen often but still happens.

The only one that can’t get pointed is <1s.

So yes there is sense to have a cloak if you are <2s, whether you are in null or not. however that means the align time becomes 11s.

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Confusing, but thanks all :slight_smile: I didn’t realise any ship could have a sub 1-sec align though.

That would be the Hecate, but it ends up costing you about half billion isk, with half of that going into your pod in the form of implants. It’s not nullified, which means it has no business going outside empire space, but in empire space it’s the safest ship to fly. It waltzes away from any gatecamp and has the tank to shrug off smartbombs.

One thing to keep in mind would be that turret damage registers as soon as a target lock is acquired, so maybe, technically, an arty gatecamp with sensor boosters really on the ball, might perhaps kill it before it gets into warp. Really low odds though. Like I am not even sure if that’s even worth mentioning. However, it’s good to know that damage is instant unlike tackle- your interceptor could, for example, get volleyed off the Jita undock by an instalocking Gnosis without necessarily getting pointed. The counter to that would be using instaundock bookmarks.

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no it can’t.
You receive the information the hecate is available on t0 , the tick when it starts aligning.
at t0+ you start locking, lock is acquired at t0++ .
At t1 you receive “hecate is in warp” you can’t target it, even if you pre activated your guns. So your targeting fails.

You can’t target agress anything below 1s align.

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