Warp to Station not Within Docking Range?

I thought I’d seen it all, but somehow I lost another yacht trying to dock this time. I clicked dock from deep space but somehow a single Drauger wasted me before it would dock? I double checked and my wreck is 80km from the station. How the heck can someone interrupt you mid-warp? Did it magically run out of cap 80km short of the station? This is why we need a replay feature…

Do you want us to guess? My guess is a warp disruption probe.

That would have been my guess, but I was coming out of deep space… i.e. nowhere along any travel paths. He would have had to hack the game to know to bubble in that direction. Way below the undock, away from any gate routes… I didn’t even warp to the site from the station where he could somehow predict my return path.

Just bad luck?

I guess hopefully that’s all.

It seems every day there’s a new way to die though… even after ten years you learn the hard way… what else can kill you.

Their is an avenue of inquiry that has yet to be explored! User error. You miss clicked and landed further off the station than intended and lost your ship as a result. Their is no need to feel bad about this and make excuses on a pubic forum… we understand it happens to us all from time to time.

He says he clicked “dock”, though, not warp to… if someone made their warp to default distance 70km or 100km, mistakes could happen… but there’s no “dock at range” default option, dock is dock.

you’re not having very good luck with that station . and the 4th SS istab didn’t save you … not sure what happened , you are well outside the docking ring …
make insta-dock bookmark , either right on the undock (if not a kick-out) or fly into the superstructure and mark it there …

Can’t Draugers use the micro jump field generators? So, you landed a few hundred meters off the station and before you could get within docking range he booshed you?

Yachts warp right through bubbles. It’s literally one of the three reasons that you are flying it in nullsec, lol.

But yeah, the Draugr pilot timed their micro jump with you landing on station, or maybe you landed 2 km off the station giving them time to jump you before you could reach the docking radius.

It was one of the “Dock” buttons that appears in the Agent Mission drop down on screen in space… bubble immunity is 100% so it has to be either the yacht ran out of cap perfectly within microjump range, the “Dock” calculation is unreliable, or the server severely crapped out and misplaced my warp target. If only I had had shadowplay turned on I would know.

It seems as though you don’t understand how “dock” works - it warps you to within 1.5 km of the docking sphere around the station. Sometimes you land inside, sometimes you land at the endge, sometimes you land outside and have to approach the station briefly before docking.


And I said “miss click” which means he made a mistake! I am quite sure he “thinks” he clicked dock as this is what he intended to do but as something else happened we have to explore the most likely reason which is user error.

This is true, this happens quite a lot as I return from missions. You click dock and then have to travel a short distance to get within docking range. I’m still sticking to my thesis that the OP messed up though.