Unable to dock

I have a character that is in null sec. We have multiple mining platforms that we dock and refine at etc.
When leaving the system and coming back in I and multiple other people are finding it does not give us the option to warp to player made bases but just the dock option.
When you attempt to dock it says you have to be within 2500 meters of the station. ( which makes complete sense)
Multiple people have tried. Relogging. Going out and back into system. Docking at npc station then trying player station.
Most of the time it does not work and then it does. It is very strange and seems to be linked in some way to the mining platforms. For instance I can warp to NPC stations and jump gate locations and jump bridge locations with no issue.

Just an update here

If I add the station to overview then warp to the station with the overview option it works. But not the regular click in space and find station and warp to it.

I used to have the issue all the time, I still haven’t figured out why it doesn’t work. I’ve actually died in combat because of my right clicking in space to try to warp to a Citadel. But I ended up just conforming like you did and adding Citadels to my combat tab. If you do find anything else out about this, please let me know!

I’ve personally had this issue as well, so I have reported it to the bug hunters.

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