Cant select Dock from drop down menu

Ok so a strange one, every now and then, whenever I undock from a station or jump into a system and select dock on an outpost or station i get the following error

“the xxx is too far away, you need to be within 2500 meters of it”

however if i warp to zero and then select dock all is good. any ideas how to resolve?


Troy T

CCP quality coding: If something is on grid but far away, the code sometimes bugs and does not let you align to the thing or use the warp&dock command. The workaround this is to warp there first or double click towards your target object if you want to align to something.

A similar result of this are several gates on the same grid but several thousand kilometers apart from each other. You cannot align to them because they are too close so you have to approach them or warp there.

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