Radial menu not working for dock

The radial menu for jump gates works, but the one for docking at a station does not.

I have the same issue, glad it’s not just me. I radial menu press-hold select dock and it does nothing, I actually have to select the dock button from the top menu.

same issue here radial menu not working for docking

I’ve had a lot of problems with the radial menu working intermittently on all commands, switched back to the old UI because of it

Anyone found a pattern on this? Couldn’t repeat it.

This always happens once I’ve been in a station where there’s a lot of players, I’ve noticed. The bug stays until the game is restarted.

I seem to be having the issue with citadels, but not stations.

Still happening. I have 3 accounts and it doesn’t happen on all of them. It may also not be specific to the photon UI.

Also, radial menu for set destination in the location dialog is also affected.

This is most anoying. It sometimes works and other times doesnt.

Radial menu still not working randomly on various commands