Radial Menu Bugs Out

(Zephyr Aulmais) #1


Almost every time I play EVE i have an issue where I’ll alt tab (since in game browser went down :frowning: QQ) and when i tab back into the game, the Radial Menu stops working, I try alt tabbing again, nothing, pressing ESC twice to maybe reset the interface, nothing. This is not a Mouse issue either as it happens randomly whilst running 2 toons, one working, one not etc. Not a massive issue but as it is the primary way i navigate, if it happens in a fleet fight I’d be half blind, luckily it hasn’t yet. It only seems to fix itself randomly too, ie, when I jump a WH or Gate, random number of alt tabs, dock up etc.


(Michael Pergkk) #2

Also having this issue.

(CCP karkur) #3

Hi, if you could file a bugreport on it, from within the client (through F12) right after it happens that would be great :slight_smile:

(Zephyr Aulmais) #4

ok sweet, will do, Thanks :slight_smile:

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