"Dock" doesn't dock, "Jump" doesn't jump

For the past few weeks this has been happening on all of my characters on all of my accounts. I click on a jump gate, I click the “Jump” button, my ship warps to the gate and … nothing happens. I sit there until I manually spam Jump some more. The same happens when clicking on a station and then clicking “Dock”, it warps to the station (often 1500-2500 meters from it instead of in docking range, which has gotten me killed atleast once) and then … nothing. It does not dock until I spam the dock button. If you’re going to give us these buttons, either make them do what they’re supposed to or remove them from the game.

You have to spam all buttons now. Also activate gate, etc. Get used to it. Not sure when this was changed, somewhere middle of 2022 during my EvE break.

That you land away from station and not in docking range is not new, but was so since I started playing. If you want to avoid this, use insta dock bookmarks or warp yourself with arrow fleet formation.

Probably a side-effect of CCP’s tech outsourcing schemes and/or of Photon. I have noticed a measurable decline in performance and client responsiveness in the last few months as well, especially since Photon was made mandatory. CCP’s tech improvement claims and measurements are probably just as reliable and true as VW’s emission values.


I was experiencing the same issue reported by the OP, and it turned out to be a mouse glitch. I just replaced it and the problem went away.

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