Mwd-cloak trick not working

message says: “you cannot do that (jump) while warping” - and my Mastodon is exposed - never happened this way before - I’ve even tried overheating the mwd

and when I get to the gate, it doesn’t jump - just sits there until I press jump even though I’ve tried spamming the jump button

same thing happens when I try the trick to dock - seems like it’s that jump/dock button - it’s not “taking” - it takes me to the station but doesn’t dock, I have to hit the button again…

Anybody having this issue? It’s been working fine until this last trip I took.

If you click warp or jump and it starts to align to do that then you can’t hit cloak, that’s always been that way. You have to hit ALIGN, then cloak up, hit your MWD, wait out the MWD cycle, uncloak and THEN hit warp or jump.

To make use of docking bookmarks you have to set destination to the station you want to dock at and after you did your cloak/MWD thing and you hit warp then you activate Auto Pilot, that way your docking is server side instead of client side so if your ship lands within docking range of the station (and it should if you made your docking BM properly) then it’ll automatically dock.

I AM hitting align first - as always

I’ve never had a problem with it working - maybe now that I restarted the day after the cluster shutdown and restarted the game it will work

UPDATE: Yep - it’s working now with a restart - something was going on, guess I’ll never know now

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Sounds like a lag issue tbh


Recently I had really big lags from nowhere while salvaging many wrecks, and there were two fleets on the same grid. Game just halted and nothing was reacting on clicking, and then it sped up like in 5x the normal speed, for a few seconds.

The other day the drone images were gone and when I clicked show info on one, the computer bluescreened. :fearful:

Some other day on undock I had to wait few minutes for black screen to be gone and space environment to appear.

Game is a bit unstable I think.

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Pressing jump a second time cancels the command. Noticed this a while ago when i used the spam the jump command before landing at the gate.

Press jump once, works everytime. Or wait until you’ve landed on gate before spamming jump.

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I agree it could be a lag issue. Have had noticable lag where commands are entered, acknowledged by OI reaction, but nothing happens.

You can only click somewhere in space and then hit the MWD, then the cloak. Mastadon cannot cloak after initiating warp… also, landing short of docking isn’t uncommon. Sometimes the ship has to travel a small distance more in order to dock. We call that poor programming on CCP’s part. Also, having to spam gate jump is most like lag on your end or server ticks on CCP’s.

The Prowler is the Minmatar transport ship that can use the Cover Ops Cloak in warp.

Maybe try reading ship descriptions? yeah?? maybe???

Update video drivers. Check BIOS settings for CPU and memory options.

My game was acting a fool recently. Sputtering and stuttering around, input delay, then severe graphical tearing and image shuttering.

I installed some unrelated software that might have hurt my video drivers. I had also recently changed some CPU memory settings on my BIOS. Updating drivers and reverting certain settings to default helped cure my situation.

Always blame the game first.

You can select to align which is the better way to do it unless you’re trying to clear a bubble. Also once you did click align you can hit cloak and then hit MWD, you’re safer off doing it in that order as you lower the time being uncloaked, it also helps if you mess it all up a bit and think you HAVE to hit mwd before cloak so you hold on the cloak to make sure MWD is running to then cloak. It’s not needed, you can use MWD just fine AFTER cloaking.

It’s not poor programming, it’s a deliberate randomness of how close you land to your warp location. This issue is avoided by using docking bookmarks.

What do ship descriptions have to do with cloak/MWD? If he’s using a DST I bet he needed the cargo space, something a BR doesn’t offer. Quite the presumptuous statement.

If its

then what’s the point of

doing something really mundane and pointless.

If its deliberate, there shouldn’t be a workaround that needs doing.

Thats why when you warp to gate, you dont land 15km away anymore, you land close enough that you jump immeadiately.

It’s not needed but it lowers risk. Many game mechanics are affected by rng and one can choose to accept it as such and (in this case) run a certain risk, OR one can put in effort to change or improve the odds.

We players do a whole lot of working around deliberate game mechanics, all the time.

Yeah but one has to ask, why they got rid of it on gates but introduced it on stations

Without even saying.

One would think if it were a feature, they would say, dont you?

There is no difference in the variance when warping to a gate or a station, it’s warping itself that has this “feature” regardless of where you warp The issue stations have is the docking rings which adds all kinds of range&distance issues, same reason they made the Minmatar gates a lot smaller a bunch of years ago: it caused several similar issues.

If anything the solution to the problem, if it even needs a solution, isn’t in “fixing” warping but in fixing the station docking rings and model sizes. But if they’d do that it might affect other things like losing the ability to redock after undocking meaning all stations would become kick out ones or at least where it gets more skittish in that regard. Not sure I’d want to risk that.

Personally I prefer player made solutions that require some effort and preparation over yelling at CCP to “fix” things. Especially if it’s something that so easily could be explained by lore or just logic: “you’re going to have a little bit of variance after you warped a billion km’s, it’s just going to happen”.

Do you just use a random sentence generator or wat

Warping always has variance regardless of where you warp to, it’s not somehow enabled or disabled when you warp to a station instead of a gate.

But it seems you’re just here to argue and add no substance. Good to know.

Im not the one who said “Theyre totally the same, except for this one major difference that makes them different”

Troll off, youre the one attempting to pick stupid holes in something everyone has known since, what 2009?

You’re the one who said they were different and that it “got introduced around 2009” (which it wasn’t). Warping always has been the same in that regard, what changed is changing the warping DISTANCE (not variance) from 15km to what it is now.

They are

Dont use quotes if you arent going to quote me. But ofc a pendantic jibe at the accuracy of something irrelevent that Im pulling from memory shows you are totally totally trying to have a serious adult conversation about whether CCP suck at programming 3 Dimensional Coordinates or not.



Just stop trolling, it doesnt suit you.

No, its how the warp mechanic actually works, you land within 2500m of the thing you warp to

Its really simple to understand if you imagine a 2500m sphere with its center as the thing you warped to, you will land at a randomly chosen point on the surface of that sphere, sometimes you’ll overshoot slightly and other times you’ll undershoot, when you warp to a station you’re using the outer edge of its docking range as the 0m warp in point, so you can easily land short, its not about poor programming its just how the mechanic works to avoid the issues we used to have with everyone landing on the exact same point in space