Jump buttton ignored by ships

Hi, why is it happening so often, when press jump, the ship warp to a gate at zero but dont jump, i have to press again the jump button?
same thing with dock, i press dock, the ship warps at 0 and just stay and dont dock…

Instead of jump-warping, try warping to 0. You can press jump along the way and it will jump after you land.

For quick easy docking, warp to 0 on a station. Once in warp, engage autopilot. You will dock automatically after landing on the station. Great tip for landing at trade hubs or busy stations.

Alas, sometimes the ship just derps and takes a few seconds or more to dock or jump…

If you land outside of the docking ring of a station, you’ll have to wait for your ship to slowboat in. So, that might be the issue there.

I don’t know what’s going on with the gates. Like, it usually only takes a second or two for the gate to activate for me, but that’s it, and it always works.

I guess make sure you don’t have a weapons timer and that you are hitting “dock/Jump” and not “warp to.”

I realised that recently when you press jump y dont warp to 0, but to 2,5 km sometimes 3. New ccp stealth patch?

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