Ship not jumping or docking after warp

After warping there is a ~70% chance that the ship does not jump or dock. It just sits there in space and when you click jump/dock again it says “session change already in progress” and then it immediately jumps/docks. This means travelling becomes very time consuming because you have to babysit your ship all the time. (There is a CODE thrasher at almost every gate in highsec and they are just waiting for an inty or hauler that doesnt move.)

This problem started a few weeks ago, i dont remember which patch started it. It happens in all ships and on all my chars.

This is one of the most annoying bugs EVE ever had …


Did you check your cap levels when jumping? If cap is low nothing will happen until it fill up enough to power the drive.

Clear cache, if problem persists, make a support ticket

Facing same problem.

Press Jump key and the ship (any ship) will reach the gate or station and just sit there.This never used to happen at all and only occurs recently. What did CCP Change ?

You press Jump and the ship will jump the gate np.

I still have the problem. It happens less often now, for some reason, but it still happns.
This bug + the annoying gate camping FOB rats (which means you cant use autopilot anymore) have made travelling tedius and more time consuming.

Have the same problem.

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