Station Immunity

I Recently Played EVE And I Got Blown Up Right After I Exited A Space Station ( Trossere, Can’t Remember Which One) And I Got Blown Up Instantly By A Tryhard. I Could Suggest Adding Immunity For Maybe 30 Seconds After Exiting A Space Station As Some Take The Pleasure Of Tryharding And Spawn Killing. Thank You.

You do have invulnerability for either 30 seconds or 1 minute (I forget which) upon undocking from a station as long as you don’t manually pilot or use any modules.


I Got Blown Up In 7 Seconds And I Could Not Do Anything.

Don’t know what to tell you then. If you undock and don’t press any buttons or manually pilot, you can’t even be targeted for at least 30 seconds.

Are you a criminal, or in faction warfare, or in an active war?

I Have A Bounty Of 10Mil On Me As Of Now.

Bounties mean nothing.

And Seriously Why Do You Type Like This???


he’s writing a Strongly Worded Letter i believe.

@op, you do get undock immunity.
giving any command to your ship baring “CTRL- Space” will break it on you though.

a criminal timer is the only one of those that would factor here, i.e. getting asploded by concord.
war doesn’t have any bearing and niether would faction warfare as i dont think facpo can break this.

though worth mentioning op isnt on zkill so take that for what you will.


ThErE iS AlReAdY aN iNvUlNeRaBiLiTy TiMeR wHeN yOu UnDoCk.

UnLeSs YoU sTaRt TrYiNg To MaNeUvEr SoOnEr, AnD tHeN tHe TiMeR eXpIrEs ImMeDiAtElY.

ThAt’S wHy InStA-uNdOcK bOoKmArKs ArE sO pOpUlAr. YoU cAn WaRp AwAy BeFoRe AnYoNe CaN lOcK aNd FiRe.


I need a Gravol. Still chuckled, though.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Was it potentially your first undock after logging in to EVE? If so, welcome to CCP Quality Coding where you have an up to 40 seconds black screen after undocking where you are visible to others, your invul timer runs down, your ship moves out of docking range (depending on station) and you can be shot at even though you cannot even see something. :slight_smile:

If it was not your first undock after logging in, you have very likely broken the undock invulnerability by some command. Get an insta undock book mark for undocking and an insta docking bookmark well within the docking radius of the station to dock without issues. And in this day and age, do not undock something shiny right after you logged in. Undock something slow and cheap to lift this black screen undock penalty with this rather than the shiny thing.

Just for the record: The Trossere (and bourynes) station is not a kickout station, it is one of those “dragon with two arms” looking ones, where you basically start at around the middle.

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