Locked Immediately on Undock, BM Warp Failed

I just undocked in null with a Hecate in my face (in an insta-warp serpentis stab yacht and as soon as I could see my bookmarks I clicked to warp to the undock. I didn’t mess it up, but the next instant, I was locked and I must have been scrammed because it didn’t warp. I was killed by the Hecate in maybe 3-4 blasts. While dying I tried to dock and it just said “docking request accepted” and something about 10 seconds. It even locked and killed the pod while I was spamming dock.

Is that just the way it is? Hecate can’t be escaped, or is undock immunity gone? Is the only way to survive this to tank long enough for the stupid server to dock me? I have 200Mbs internet and a gaming rig but undock always goes black for maybe 5 seconds which seems like a sick joke in favor of griefing.

When you undock you have a safety timer. Take no other action and you are unlockable for a few seconds. You can redock during this window with complete immunity.

Your mistake was taking an action other than to redock, which allowed an instalocking enemy to open fire on you.

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You won just because you can type faster… LOL

Thanks, boss!

first undock after you log in always has a black screen while counting down your undock timer . don’t do your first undock with hostiles in local .
i’m not familiar with the 5zxx station , it may be a kickout station which means you’re out of the docking ring as soon as you undock .
if he was sitting right on the undock he may have bumped you to prevent warp and give him long enough to lock you .
or you could just fit 4 ss istabs instead of 3 then you’d be safe … :open_mouth:

4 stabs haha! Not even that would beat 1s lock. Maybe implants but at that point you might as well PLEX an entire full time scout pilot.

EDIT: I realize the alt I was using wasn’t skilled enough for sub 2s warp, but it would not have mattered. I have to look out more carefully for insta-lock ships.

was your undock bookmark in line with the undock of the station? Can you remember how long your screen was black after undocking?

Also, I did not realize it was possible to bump while under the 30s undock invulnerability - so how would this work in practice?


It’s not, but it becomes possible the moment you try to align, so a player can set up the bump to prevent your insta undock from working. Insta undock isn’t perfect because you leave the station at a random angle, even if only slight.

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okay thanks - but I think that would be quite hard to execute, because you’re flying out of the station at maximum velocity and you have between 5-25s (depending on length of your black screen) to insta-warp to your bookmark, so an attacker would need to guess exactly when to try to bump you and get same or near tick - otherwise they would just fly straight through you…? Maybe I am misunderstanding though.

Thanks for the answer!


If the undocking BM is nicely inline with the undock vector you can’t be stopped from warping, if you do everything right. Regardless of your ship’s align time.

You will go from undock invulnerability straight into warp. So either the undock BM wasn’t too good and you got unlucky on the undock vector or things didn’t go as you said they did.


That wrong, since the max angle of the undock is larger than your angle to warp, so you CAN be ejected with a too high angle to warp to insta undock.

Or if there are other ships at undock. You can get instantly bumped once you hit warp and safety timer turns off.

Pro tip is to have multiple bookmarks at different undock angles and don’t warp off second you spawn in. Undock, look around. If you don’t have safe path, dock up again. If ■■■■ hits the fan and you are permanently camped. Try to slip out few seconds before DT. If you don’t make it, there is chance that TQ will go down before you will pop.

The undock is hundreds of km out and perfectly aligned with the grid so I’m guessing I bumped right into him and the only option would have been redocking… which I did, but only after getting flustered for a few seconds trying to wait for warp.

I really wish there were a replay feature.

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