Keyboard Shortcuts and your tips

First I was wondering where I might find a list of keyboard shortcuts to cut down on time consuming mouse clicking. And would anyone like to share some shortcut tips of what they find most useful and live saving?

In-game, you can see (and change) all the keyboard shortcuts, by pressing ESC to access the EVE Control Panel, and switching to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

Outside the game, EVE University wiki has them listed.

As far as tips, mine are:

  • The game allows for 8 weapons (F1 - F8), 8 med slots (Alt-F1 - Alt-F8), and 8 low slots (Ctrl-F1 - Ctrl-F8), but in practice you can group your weapons to just F1, and most fittings have at least some passive modules that don’t need activation. So you can change the keybindings to F1-F4, then F5-F8, then F9-F12 for just the first 4 high, med, low spots, and do just fine. Eliminate some of the ctrl and alt combinations. Especially because you can drag the icons of all your guns and modules to the first 4 spots, when you’re in space.

  • Make sure you know and use the shortcuts for “Drones Engage” and “Drones Return To Bay” to control your drones faster. Put your drones in groups so you can launch and control the entire group with the shortcuts.

  • Get yourself used to locking targets fast by ctrl-clicking from the Overview, and also stopping and max-speeding your ship with ctrl-space and ctrl-alt-space.

  • Learn to reload at the appropriate time with ctrl-R.


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