Key binds available?

Hey folks, are there good key binds for the game that are out there as files/clipboards I can look at and use for the game? Thanks!

Just want to clarify, I hope you are not looking to bind keys that do two actions, like F1 or D2 together.

As far as a list of legit keybinds, not sure if there is or not.

No, just quick keys for various regularly used actions.

You should write ticket and ask GM exactly what you want to achieve. Better to be safe than sorry

  1. Stop Ship: Ctrl + Space
  2. Lock Target: Ctrl + Left Click
  3. Unlock Target: Ctrl + Shift + Left Click
  4. Activate Top Row Module: F1-F8 (note that you can put mid and lowslot active mods into the top row of your hud)
  5. Overheat Module: Shift + Left Click
  6. Align: Q
  7. Orbit: W
  8. Keep at Range: E
  9. Dock/Jump/Activate Gate: D
  10. Launch Drones: T (My Custom Keybind)
  11. Engage Drones: F
  12. Recall Drones: Ctrl + T (My Custom Keybind -makes it really easy to reload and recall drones)
  13. Reload: Ctrl + R
  14. Dscan: V

Of course, there are a ton more, but these are some of the most useful ones for the average player to know. So, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of them. And hopefully, the shorter list will make them easier to remember.

By the way, if you have two monitors, you might consider setting your wallpaper to show a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts until you learn them by heart. I’ve done that for all sorts of things, like tagging orders, blitz guide, ammo ranges, and keybinds.

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