New shortcuts for fighters & drones

(Kassina Andrard) #1


Everyone who has ever used a carrier in a efficient way knows how much micro managing fighters on different targets can be a pain in the ass, so after some tries I’ve come to a simple solution, new shortcuts that give an order to a Tube only while the key is hold.

It can work with the actual system. It isn’t difficult to use (press the key, select the target, give the fire order, release the key) and it avoid the “■■■■ I’ve still the other tube/the ship selected” issue.

Concerning drones, the idea is to add the ability to consider drones group the same way as fighters tubes to ease the micromanagement.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

I think you can already do a very similar thing by using the Toggle Selection of Tube 1-5 hotkeys under fighters. It’s one more key press than what you have in mind but you can quickly switch between the tubes with that.

Little thread hijack: I would love to see drone hotkeys work coherently for drones and fighters. You can use the drone hotkey to recall drones already, but CTRL H for opening the drone bay does not work on the fighter hangar. I find this sad.

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