SuperCarrier - fighter hotkey question

This could go in various topic threads, so I just picked this one.

Fighter hotkeys and control. Haven’t played in years trying to figure out how best to manipulate fighter tubes again: I see that “return all drones” applies to fighters, but deploy drones does NOT deploy to fighters, so I hotkeyed deploy fighter tubes. no problem there

As far as control and shooting. I see I can “hotkey” individual tubes to ‘select’ them, but how can I “engage or attacK” with just that tube. Drones keybinds has ‘engage all drones’. I think fighters does to, but what about just “this targeted fighter”? Is there a drone keybind or other already that will just attack target with “this” one?

Additionally, I can select all no problem, can I shortcut the microwarp or jump drive to make them return faster whenI do a return to ship? Or hotkey the bombs/missiles?

did haven ok, but did lose some templar 2’s on a sanctum - there any tips on avoiding fighter losses/ maybe I"m just not targeting fast enough

Might want to check out this video. Can’t help you with the hotkeys though.

probably on ring sanctums on last warpin wave?
There are elite frigs on last wave, they have the highest priority. You can also have your fighters sent back in advance. By the way, the shortcut for sending drones back and having them orbited also applies to fighters.

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