Null Sec Carrier Questions :parrotbeer:

Carrier Ratting Guide is fantastic but there have been many changes. Why are fighters so hard to control? Any clear tactical changes to offset the fighter control issue?

Thanks in advance. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

Just use hotkeys for fighters, it’s easy to control them then.


I have this so far and it helps. I’m still trying to figure out how to apply “Orbit” to my fighters and not my ship.


IIRC fighters use the same hotkeys as drones, so F to attack, CTRL R to return them to hangar bay. Been a while since I flew a carrier though so check.

EDIT: I also remember F1, F2, F3, did something, maybe to launch bombs.

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I think you want the “Toggle Ship Selection” hotkey, which will switch whether your hotkeys apply to drones or your ship. There is a way to do it, however. So, if it’s not that hotkey, it’s another one.

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