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So I’m a big hotkey player in my MMO experience and most of my efforts so far have been in running missions and a brief foray into FW to get a good feel for how I want my keys. I have the weapons and overheats on the bar in good spots now and have accepted I have to use the mouse (which I hate lol) for initial targeting and doubleclick to get my ship moving, correct course, etc.

Problem is now that I’m looking at slingshotting I have no idea of the camera movement commands that are used to set your field of view to the enemy so you can see his moment of turn. And of course how to toggle the view back to my ship without needing to rightclick things and lose critical time.

So I figured (1) why not ask some experienced players how they do those things, specifically the target switching of the camera. And (2) what other abilities do you consider critical that you hotkey that maybe I’m not thinking of just yet.

Also (3) curious to what extent you guys use orbit and stay at distance. Because they didn’t seem particularly useful in FW though the mechanics in the plexes do change things. If you use them in PvP do you spam them constantly? But also on PvE missions those things seem to lead to more damage taken. If there’s a group of 4 or more enemies approaching, when I take a transverse to slide into orbit it seems to lead to more damage than a basic fly-by because you don’t always get a good transverse vs the other ships in that orbit.

Lot of questions I realize. Appreciate any and all insight.

Good questions. Following.

Sounds like support level 2: EVE Technology and Research Center - EVE Online Forums
But we can help you to finish the career agents instead :wink:

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