Problem Targeting Enemies

Hey folks,

I’m totally new to EVE. I was doing the tutorial, or intro missions, I guess, and I was facing several “pirates” at once. They were moving too fast around my screen for me to click on with the mouse pointer to close, target or orbit. Is there some trick to targeting a fast-moving enemy?

Also, should I leave the afterburner and auto-repair thing on when in combat?


Couple of things:
You can zoom out, hold ctrl and drag the marque around your targets

You should set up your overview and use the pvp tab. If a target (NYC) isn’t showing, right click on the enemy and add too overview. That way you can see the target in the overview, hold down ctrl and click on the target when it is in the overview.

As far as afterburner, typically in combat you want it on, the repaierr, use that only when you get damage into your hull, the middle line in your damage display. You want to pulse it. These items will use your capacitor, and when that is gone you can’t move or shoot.

This becomes important and is part of good combat practice, managing your mods properly is one skill you get with practice.

OK, thank you!

Look for overview packs, you can import these in and the rats should show there. the link below is to a popular overview pack

it may take some getting used to so don’t go into combat straight away, sit in space and play with the options,

You need to target from the Overview list, that’s what it’s there for; it lists the ships that are in space around you, sorted by whichever column you choose (typically we sort by distance). Ctrl-click each ship in the overview to target it.

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