I started playing today but couldn’t go through the tutorial because the ships wouldn’t show in my overview and clicking on the ships in space didn’t do anything also, so I couldn’t shoot anything nor could I target anything.
I had to exit the tutorial in disgust.

Is that what I should expect from this game? Things just not working?

Welcome! And that does sound annoying!

What you describe is not something I have seem happen to me (but that does not say things cannot be bugged - bugs do sometimes happen).

About the overview: you can click different tabs to get different filters (which are fully customisable). Some tabs may not show ships, so make sure you’re using the right overview tab!

About not being able to target ships: have you tried to Ctrl-click the target? And are they within targeting range of your ship?

Just clicking (without Ctrl) the target should open some details of the target in the targeting window. In that window you can give orders like ‘approach target’ or ‘orbit’ or ‘lock target’.

Locking the target, which can also be done with Ctrl-clicking the target, is necessary before you can activate weapons to shoot it.

Maybe this can help you, and maybe relogging fixes the problems if they indeed were there.

Give it another chance, you may like the rest of the game more than your initial impression. :wink:

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I only had three tabs and all three were blank.

I tried Ctrl+click, w+click, c+click and double click: nothing.
I couldn’t tell if they were within targeting range since clicking on them did nothing and the overview was blank and their info in space was nonexistent.

I clicked on all enemy ships and the target window was blank just like the overview, it was like I never clicked anything.

I couldn’t lock anything, it was like the pixels on the sceen had no server-side object equivalent, like they didn’t exist. Ctrl+clicking didn’t do anything.

I exited the tutorial, I don’t think I can go through it again unless I create another character.
It’s ok. I’m not new to gaming, I can figure things out for myself.

I do like the game so far. I’m not going to quit just because the tutorial was useless.

Thank you, have a good week and take care.

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