Ship not showing up on overview

So Im flying a tristan and I scan down a merlin at a novice outpost. I warp to the novice outpost entrance, there is nothing on my overview I try to go through the gate and… I get tackled by the merlin. I look on my overview again and there is nothing, by the time i manually clicked and targeted the merlin in space it was too late. I have an overview tab dedicated to ships only and It always works as it should except this time. Is that normal and im missing something or what?

You need to open overview settings and make sure that that particular ship type’s check box is selected. Also, you need to check one of the tabs (I’m on my phone and not in game, IIRC it’s the ‘States’ tab) to make sure you can see neutrals, people with bad standing, War targets etc.

Sometimes overview settings go crazy on their own.

And don’t forget to save your overview changes too

Its setup to see all players regardless of states, I have all ships selected and I never had this issue or thought I possibly could. This particular time the overview was plain blank despite the ship being right there. This is not an error with overview setup. I was wondering if there is perhaps a strategy or exploit people use that I should look out for or maybe there is a certain bug that could cause this to occur randomly.

How did you found out it was merlin that targets you? How you have been able to target it? Was it a little triangle flying in space? Maybe before the fight you just right cliked “dont show on overview” by accident, for example in directional scan.

Also, it might be just a rare overview bug.

Yes, had to click on it in space and no, no " don’t show on overview" was clicked.
A rare overview bug as in it rarely happened to people in the past or rare as in nobody ever heard of it.

Never happened to me and I never heard of it, but with every patch there may be some bugs introduced. Also overview bugs were noticed in the past, but it was rather about retaining information than failing to update.

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