Overview driving me batship crazy!

This is driving me absolutely mental.

As you can see, this is with a completely reset and stock overview -

If I sit around in the system for long enough, maybe 10 minutes, suddenly the large outpost might appear on the overview, making it 5/7, bamboozling.

As I said, the overview is 100% default - beacons are enabled, how is it possible for only 4 of the 7 outposts to be appearing on my overview?

Help with this one would be greatly appreciated, all the best, happy new year.

Beacons and Anomalies are different things.

The 7 things (highlighted by the blue lines) from the probe scanner are all faction warfare combat site beacons, only 4 of them show in the overview, however.

As far as I know, combat sites never show up in the overview.
This is in fact weird.

Those are indeed faction warfare plexes, they only show up on the overview AFTER someone has warped to them.

So the ones on the probe scanner that arent on the overview, have not had anyone warp to them.

The ones on the overview are often termed as ‘open’ meaning someone was trying to run them/they are contested and are the places to go if your looking for people to shoot at… though id run a dscan in that direction first.

Hope this helps?


Basically when this happens it means someone literally just warped to it.


That definitely explains it, I just tested this out in some empty systems - information checks out.

Thanks so much, it was driving me nuts!

First time in lowsec?
Your kb looks good for a brand newbro which i think your not?

Returning after a long, long time.

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