Help with relic site

Hi, I’ve been trying to do some exploring. I’ve scanned down to 100% a few relic sites, then get in range, but I can’t lock on for some reason. The little marker stays red and there’s no way to open anything. Can anyone shed some light on the subject for me. In the scanner screen it turns green and I can warp to it, but I get there and there’s nothing, just a red marker??? Thanks in advance

Are you then using the relic analyzer?

Yes, I ditched the civilian ones and bought new, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The last site I tried was only lvl 2, so not too difficult no? Or should I say trying to use the relic analyzer but I can’t even lock on to use it

Are you targeting the container then clicking on the relic analyzer (or pressing the appropriate button)?

You need to target it first THEN use the analyzer…that might be the issue…

I don’t think so, I warp to the site, but there’s just a red marker (with the relic name) can’t see anything else to lock into to be able to use the relic analyzer.

If I go to the scanner screen, I can align to it, but nothing else

If someone else best me to it, which I don’t think anyone did, would the marker still be there or does it disappear once hacked?

I’m just guessing with this one but maybe your overview is not showing containers? The overview is a nightmare to explain/use so…here’s a link just in case. If you open-up the overview and do a search for “container” you can make sure they are selected…think they are in a few locations…

I believe is de-spawns almost right away…but it’s been a long time so…

Thanks a lot Runa, I’ll have a look, I didn’t see containers in the over view so that could be it. Anyway, off to bed now. Thanks again.

Best of luck…let us know how it turns out or check back as somebody with better info might also chime in…

Will do. :+1:

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