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Ok I went to a relic site and brought my relic analyzer but I have no idea what to do here. I used the data analyzer on the info shards thinking the bunker would open up or at least allow me to use the relic analyzer on it, but nope nothing happened.

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Happy reading :grinning:
Hope the link helps you. It did for me.

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Ok I did a different site and it worked the way it was supposed to, but the one in the screen shot is either bugged or more likely I missed some detail that I still am dying to know


There are some details in this game that if you happen to miss you can’t continue with the activity.
I learned that with the career agent mission where you have to have 2 Afterburners… I missed the part where they needed to be repackaged and fiddled with it for 10 minutes until I opened the Journal and reread the mission brief.
Sometimes they’re not obvious, like in your exemple.
Sometimes it’s frustrating. The Help Chat helps a lot, there are very kind people on there who will help you find the answer very patiently.

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In your screenshot, there are 2 ‘Sansha Info Shards’ at the top on the list in your overview.

Relic and Data Analyzers will only work on objects in space that have the same icon. Data Analyzer in Data Sites. Relic Analyzer in Relic Sites.

The objects you have locked, which has an icon that looks like a square with no corners, and doesn’t show up on your overview is called a ‘large collidable object’.

It’s basically just the scenery.

I hope that helps. It’s hard to describe, but I think I made sense. :slight_smile:


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