Data/Relic Sites not apearing

So I have just finished the five exploration career agent missions and wanted to try to go exploring for Data or Relic sites, but i can only find Data training sites and relic training sites, when I warp to them the same NPC from the career agent missions that guided me through the missions says something and when I go to hack and loot the training site i only get proof of discovery. I believe i would need to go to not training sites to get real loot, but maybe I havent “unlocked” them or something

Need to leave that system and explore farther out, look in the Agency (Alt+M) → Exploration → Cosmic Signatures and scan these down to find more sites.


It sounds like you’re still in the home/starting system

On your overview, under the General tab, you should see some stargates to warp to. Jump through one of those, and you’ll be on your way

Anything you see can be right clicked on > “Save Location”. That will create a bookmark for you to get back to later. View your bookmarks by opening the locations window or pressing “L”

In my experience, 1/2 the time is spent prepping and planning in station, googling sites, looking up what I’m about to get into, and the other half is spent actually doing it.

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