Need feedback on an exploration diagram

I’ve been trying to make sense of exploration content based on EVE University wiki. Could someone do a sanity check for what I came up with, since I don’t actually have exploration experience? Thank you.


Very cool! Looks about right. I don’t know if there’s anything special about “pirate data sites” and “pirate relic sites”, I consider them default npc-less sites. Check out safeExplo too. Explo is really fun and way more so once you have a covops cloak for extra safe travel through low

Thanks for verifying this. Data and relic sites require different analyzer modules, right? But in everything else pirate sites are the same?

Theres „sleeper relic“ sites too which are combat sites. Also „pirate gas sites“ which are combat sites. And many WH gas sites spawn NPCs. Some start with Sleeper turrets already.

Data and relic sites require different analyzers, yes. or a ~200M “integrated” combo analyzer.
I think the ‘chemical lab’ on your chart is one of the “gas-signature-that’s actually-combat” Io mentions

If you’re breaking them out, there are different types of sleeper cache as well. Limited, standard, and superior with different mechanics etc. Pretty nice drawing as well!

there are now three additional data sites - AEGIS and ESS these two involves combat ships, and faction warfare data sites, these do not, but they can only be hacked by enemy FW player

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