New to data and relic sites need info

I was in null doing data sites it was going good until npcs came in and killed my ship. It was one of the 20 year stuff, new stuff, Is there a list of what sites are safe from npcs. I guess next time I will use my tec 3.

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This chart will show you which sites are safe to run as an explorer then you can lookup “Ghost Sites” and others which are quite valuable but not at all safe.


The event hacking sites don’t have rats, you likely stumbled on a ghost site.

Let me add this link about Sleeper Caches too, it may help.

small advice, since you say you are new: before doing something new in eve, take the time to google it, you wil find useful infos about it
in the current case, if you scan a site with an unusual name, google it, it was most probably here a ghost site

Signal Cartel’s Exploration Site Safety Guide is a great reference to keep handy.

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