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Hello everybody, I just joined a couple weeks ago, this game has a lot to take in and learn. Currently I’m doing some exploring and learning the ropes of that end, one question I have about that though is in some data sites enemy ships appear and I get instantly killed by… something? No chance to warp out or run. I haven’t gone under .5 space so I’m a little confused as to what’s happening. Should I avoid the level 3 data sites? Thanks!

NPC pirate data sites in wh’s have no rats and null rated loot…class1 to 3. I suggest that, a data site can net you 200 mill in intact salvage. As for dying, it would be the rats in high sec?

Therer’s no rat’s in wh NPC pirate data sites, only increased risk.

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You may have come across a Ghost site and they have the potential to hit hard especially if you are in a frigate.

it was obviously a ghost site, where npcs appear around 1 min after you warped to the site and blow everything.
Always use google before trying a new thing in eve.
If you have questions about explo, send me an in-game mail, i will try to answer and help you
Have fun!

Maybe don’t “always use google” before trying new things in Eve. Sometimes it’s best to just try ■■■■


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Thank you all for the replies, that link is incredibly helpful. So I should avoid the ghost sites then? I’m having a lot of fun either way, was just confused why I just instantly blew up when they warped in. It ended up being worth it though since I made enough to replace my Magnate and then some.

You can still try to run the sites just be aware that there is a timer that starts to count down when you either land in or uncloak at the site. Once in the site you just have to be either in a heavily tanked tanked ship to absorb damage, or get out after hacking the first container or maybe also the second if you can hack them fairly quick. When you fail a hack a can will explode doing thousands in explosive damage, and have heard of up to 12k but dunno how true that is, but remember that timer that started counting down, once it hits zero you have a couple faction cruisers come in and start shooting the cans to make them explode doing more damage if near them, they then target/scram and start firing upon your ship.

Here’s a bit more info on them and as mentioned you can still give them a go even if it’s just one can as with exploration sometimes you might just score some nice loot to pay for a few losses and extra ships o7

just to add to what has been said - the npc rats in ghost sites warp out after a few secs. Its scripted - they come in, blow everything up, shoot you for a little bit, then leave. You can survive them in a decently tanked cruiser such as a strat or you can just avoid them by warping away before they blap you.

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