Why did I die while hacking a data site?


So I’ve done exploration for a while now, since basically I’ve started playing EVE 6 months ago, and ran into something new:

I died while hacking. I noticed some NPC raiders warp into my Data site (also a first), and so I tried warping out, and my ship blew up. The kill log indicates the databank I was hacking was what killed me. I didn’t know this was possible.

Can anybody explain what was going on? Was it failing the hack? Was it warping? How often does this occur? Is there a way to tell a site is too dangerous because it might kill you?


There are specific sites which will explode on either multiple hack failures, or after a timer has run down.

We call them “ghost sites” but they’re usually called something like “covert research facilities”. Potentially have really, really valuable loot, but kind of dangerous to run unless you’re quick.

Do you remember what the site was called?

Those are relatively rare though and you should recongize them by their name as Quelza said. Just clarifying that not all the data sites do this.


Some sites will give you timers upon landing in them. When the time runs out, usually something very bad happens, most often an explosion or waves of radiation or something that will most definetly kill you if you are a new player doing them in a low tank or no tank frigate. Sometimes they will spawn a bit tougher NPCs that will neut you or scram and web, etc. Keep in mind that the NPCs don’t have to kill you, just delay you enough for someone else to come in and do so.

Its not a big deal, the explo sites, like most other sites in the game have difficulties and are designed to be finished by different progression players.

If you are going to stick with explo, I highly recommend you train up for T3 Cruisers and their respective sub systems and tank. This will help you a lot.

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