0.9 Explo - I got blown up, what happened?

I scanned down… something. in 0.9. I warped there and there were 4 containers which were hackable with data hackers. I went to work, hacked the second one when I realised that some enemies have spawned. I started thinking about leaving when all of a sudden I got shot down, in one single hit by a sentry gun.

What the hell happened?


You came, you saw, you died.


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You warped into a Covert Research Facility. The cans there only allow you one hack attempt. If you fail it, the can explodes and you explode. They also spawn NPC after a random amount of time, which are very strong and also make you explode fast.

Cool page, @Zoiie


Nice chart but saying that all gas sites in know space are not safe, really rubs me the other way…

Well, it’s linked from the #scanning channel in game.

Yep, Ghost Sites.
They do appear in hi-sec. You get about enough time to grab two containers before the NPCs warp in.
The NPCs will rip through an exploration frigate like you weren’t there.

You have my sympathy - I’ve lost ships to them in hi-sec as well.



You can get some nice 15m (reaction materials) sites in HS that are safe, if doing covert, use a cheap ship if you’re new.

You went in the so called Ghost sites ! When u land on grid a secret timer starts ! When the timer ends rats will warp in and try to kill you ! They may warp right on top of you and they will start shooting at you ! If the rats are too far away to shoot you they will shoot at the cans ! The cans will explode and do Explosive dmg to you !

When u hack the cans u only get 2 tries on each can , if you fail the second time the can explodes and it will probably kill you ! When u hack a can and u close the hacking window on ur own , because rats warped in for example , the can will explode and kill you !


Is the data ghost sites the only dangereus site in high sec ?

Ofc the combat sites is :blush:

You may find Can I warp to this? useful.


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