Standard (Faction) Covert Research Facility

So there are these sites which have like to explode if you fail a can hack. high risk, high reward.

I have a few questions.

First, is there enough time to hack 3 cans if you don’t fail any of the hacks?

Next, do the explosions just damage the ship, or is there an actual area of effect?

Third, do the different factions drop different loot? I don’t seem to be getting any data cores or faction materials, and those I can obviously see changing by faction, but I don’t see any obvious reason something like Electro-Neural Signaller would change by faction.

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  1. In my experience 3 would be unlikely unless you are super quick/lucky. Though when i use to run these in HS i would just pick the “odd named” can hack it and leave.

  2. According to EveUni’s wiki page it’s AOE damage around 10Km

  3. I’m not sure if the loot is different depending on factions, all the ones i used to hack were in Amarr space. Mostly they dropped villard wheels and covert research tools. I don’t remember other things that may have dropped, those were the most valuable things so they stick out in my mind.

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That doesn’t sound like that should varry by faction… but I have no idea!

I’ve managed to hack 3 cans only once
I was cloaked before I hit the warp to button and then decloaked and hacked the 3 “lesser” cans - as i was warping out the rats spawned. So I must have been very lucky with the RNG timer.

AOE damage varies depending upon the location of the site - so Hi Sec has X, Low Sec has Y, NUll has Z and Wormhole is ZX and to be honest if you fail the can you are going to be within range for it as you can’t get away quick enough. Have lost a handful of shops this way when not paying attention to the hack and going too quickly.

In my experience faction has no bearing on the loot - have had good runs in Angel followed rapidly by rubbish ones, likewise for all the other factions. So it is RNG from what i’ve seen. I have pulled a number of High Grade Ascendancy implant BPC’s out of Null and Wormhole sites though along with Packrat and Magpie BPC’s which net a tidy profit, along with the covert research tools.

All in all they’re great sites and good fun and no matter how many of these i run, i’m always on the edge of my seat when i run them trying to make sure i don’t stuff it up :slight_smile:

Pulled the below out of one site a couple of weeks ago which was awesome

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Ok, so I really shouldn’t bother trying to get 3 without a cloak (since timer starts as soon as anything uncloaked is on grid).

I was hoping it would just be your ship not an AoE since you then a hacker could be like “oh, I’m about to fail. Let me just jetcan the stuff I got from pirate sites and stupidly didn’t make the 7 jumps to the Foritzar to drop off before coming here.” Also if it was a target attack, maybe a fleet could try to fight off the rats? I mean if you’re the only one in your crop nearby with a hacking capable ship like a Stratios and you have guys who can fly a Hurricane nearby, they obviously can’t hack a can without failing but they can try to keep the rats from blowing up the cans.

What do you mean by this? At first I thought you answered my question, the answer is no. However, you then talked about profitability. Even if the loot is the same average value (some descent, other rubbish), if they have different stuff then things can change if the markets are favorable to one item. So I don’t know if you are saying the faction has no bearing on the loot or if you are talking about the loot value.

1st point
Yeah trying to get 3 is a risky strat - so i don’t bother any more, max 2 however now i tend to cargo scan and then cherry pick, which works better for me (but your mileage may vary)

2nd point
Ah, ok sorry i understand your question better now, I believe you can jettison your stuff if you know you’re going to fail and then BM it. However i’ve not done that myself so can’t say for certain that your jet can will survive. But i’ve seen enough people say to do this so can only assume it will work

3rd point
regardless of faction i have always seen the same spread of items within the ghost sites, i’ve not seen anything that would be specific to one pirate faction or another. i.e. it’s not been the case you could only get say a Packrat bpc in blood raider and not in angel or guristas - they all drop from the same loot table from my experience

Hope that helps

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