Ghost site confusion

I have a question and was wondering if this is a bug or a feature. I was scanning down sites to hack and found a combat site but before i ignored the search i saw the name and it was an improved guristas covert research facility. The thing i found odd was 1 it was a combat site and 2 it was easily probed as it was lvl 1. So i wrapped in and it was a regular ghost site but i wanted to be careful so i just hacked one can and left and warped back in a distance cloaked and in 2 and a half minutes the rats showed up and did there usual thing. So i wanted to know is that a bug or a feature that it appeared as a lvl 1 combat site.

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the signature was a difficulty I combat site ? Seems like a bug. improved should be diff IV or V ; and data site type.

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If you think it’s a bug, report it via F12 in game

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Ghost Sites - EVE University Wiki

Ghost Sites can be found using the probe scanner, using probes. They show up as cosmic signatures (type: Data sites), and occur in all categories of space (hi-sec, low-sec, null-sec and wormhole). They show up in the anomaly list as “< size > < faction > Covert Research Facility”. The < size > is solely dependent on the security rating of the system:

“Lesser” in high-sec
“Standard” in low-sec
“Improved” in null-sec
“Superior” in wormholes
Note: The “Besieged Covert Research Facility” and “Contested Covert Research Facility” are not Ghost Sites. They are Combat sites with NPC battleships. So do not warp your hacking ship into a Besieged or Contested site.

As expected, more difficult Ghost Sites are more difficult to hack, have more rats appear - but have better loot. All have the same number of hackable containers (often called “cans”) though.

When you enter warp to a Ghost Site, a pop-up message appears that warns the capsuleer that the site is dangerous.

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my thoughts exactly

Were you in the Drone Regions? It’s a little different there.


yea i was and a member cleared it up for me.

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