Ghost sites/caches in hisec

I wonder if there actually are any of them in hisec and if there is any changes in their spawn rate, obv the low/null ones have better loot, but i was just curious about this as a possible way of life for a hisec high skilled explorer

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Oh, it’s possible

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Yes there are. My first explo site was a ghost site. I hot 55mil from a drop of the first cache. The fleed becouse machariels spawned

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AFAIK covert research are better in low, and even better in null. Still can net 80M/site in HS.
sleeper are available everywhere, with limited being on average piss-poor (but eaily tankable in a capstable astero mwd) , standard having good loot if you do the bonus room (which does not involve getting naked) and superior having same loot average in first two rooms(never did last room - actually, tried and almost died in my pimped stratios).

They are easier to find in HS because easier to travel, it seems to me they have the same statistical chances.

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I found one a few weeks back. I didn’t realize they could spawn in high sec so I didn’t really pay attention… oops.

Be careful though. I found one in high-sec a couple days ago, brought my Tengu so I didn’t have to worry about can explosion damage and warped in ships (according to wiki). When one of the cans exploded, however, my entire shield was gone. The can exploded for 3000 damage exactly. I was omni tanked, and considering the straight number, I think the explosion ignores resistances. I checked the log in case I was hit by multiple cans, but I was not.

From my experience, if you find a site in a frigate exploration vessel, scan the named can, take the loot and get out. Maybe you have time for two cans, but the ships warping in target you instantly, and they have scram too.

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you need 20-30k in HS to tank both explosion and rats.

They appear everywhere more or less. With a gnosis I’ve scanned a standard sleeper cache with all my muds being used for boosts lol. Can’t scan down a superior without better skills.

Ghost sites are easy too if you have hp.
Warp in and burn to the odd named can while scanning the others. Can usually get 40-50m on a good site. They blow up for about 4000 explosive damage. Wont even go through the shield of a gnosis. Npcs show up and shoot you for a few seconds then warp out. You can’t kill them and they don’t stick around just fly perpendicular to them when they show up.
Hi sec ghost sites are easy money. Theyre much more dangerous/harder to hack and have bigger loot. Some null sec ghost sites can have 500m+ implant bpcs. But theyre hard to hack without tech 2 analysers and as for danger it’ll do upwards of 40k not just 4k and the npcs shoot you for longer. Those will be called improved covert research not lesser.

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got a High-grade ascendancy epsilon in one. costs 300M materials to build, sells for 1B

I had a + in there.
My first null sec can had a high grade ascendancy omega. Blew it up tho cause i was level 4. Even if you hack alot those 90 cans are 50/50 with level4. It’s so luck based sometimes you just get hacks that can’t be completed without tech 2.
Other times you hit the end after a few clicks and go through no problems.

Needs to be tweaked tbh.

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fine as it is.

Too easy and it gets no challenge. Too hard and nobody does it.

I don’t want it easier or harder. I just want the randomness loweredso it’s skilled based more than luck based. There are certain hacks sometimes that just can’t be completed no matter what.

That’s bad design. It should just be much harder to do it without perfect skills. Not impossible. Perfect skills should never be a requirement for a minigame.

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The more SP you have, the lower luck is involved.
I know that even with max skills some hacks are impossible without the zeugma. I don’t get how it can be a bad design.
Perfect skills are not a requirement as it is. I can do ghost in null even with sub-perfect skills. There is the challenge.

you legit don’t have time for 2 scans. tested and confirmed with 2 astero’s. just get named can and warp out.

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Timer is random…sometimes its longer sometimes its not. I tend to use the noob ship so I don’t have to stress the timmer so much. Sometimes I get 1 sometimes 2…sometimes I go boom. I have heard the timer is longer if more ships than 1 are in the site…but since I am usually rushing I haven’t timed it.

I have the time for the 4 cans most of the time.
Sometime I wait for the rats to appear. But they go away before my T1 drones can chew them :frowning:

What? I do high-sec ghost sites in my slow as f*** 1600mm plated Stratios and almost always manage to hack all four cans. An Astero can do 3 cans pretty safely and the 4th can is a bit risky but also doable. low and null-sec ghost sites are a different story though.

dont see if anyone already post

  1. cans in all ghost damage only explosion - so be carefull if you are armor tank
  2. number of can explosion for
    hisec - lesser covert 6000 dmg
    lowsec - standart covert 8000 dmg
    nullsec - impruved covert 10 000 dmg
    wh-spase - superior covert apr 12 600 dmg

so you have two choices - or warp in on a ship who can tank it or on a ship you can freerly lost
and one moment - that wheels drop only in hi- and low-secs

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I ran a Sansha Ghost site earlier today in High Sec and got like 6.5 million from the one can before having to warp out.

No, I take that back it was in Low Sec and was a Standard site.

Can you just fit a few LSE’s and invulns on your strat/tengu and just tank it? Those numbers make it look like the damage in null got very buffed.

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