Standard Ghost site

Found my first ghost site. I am not new to exploring and began as Alpha again after a long time away.

I found a Lvl 3 Data site in low sec and warp to it but instead of the normal hacking message box, I got one saying something else with a yellow message box. The data site detailed name was Standard Guristas Covert Research Facility.

When I came out of warp, there was 4 cans. 3 of them was named the same thing and one other was named differently. I didn’t Google this before hand so I just did all 4 starting from the unique one all the way to the last can. All of them was pretty easy and did not fail any of them in my Heron.

As soon as I was warping out, a bunch of Guristas warped in. So they missed me by a few seconds.

Total loot was about 130mil isk in research data and shattered villard wheel. Most I have ever gotten from a low sec data site. So yeah, don’t ignore data sites. It could be one of these loot pinatas.


Wow, hacking all 4 cans is pretty good. Everytime i hack more than 2 cans in a ghost site i die due to the NPCs or hecticness related hacking fails. :+1:

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Yep these are good payouts, sleeper data caches can be nice too. Training Hacking does pay off :slight_smile:

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Really? I didn’t realise it was a ghost site until the NPCs warped in. But because it was a Lvl 3 site, the hack wasn’t difficult. I am Alpha so even with limited skills and T1 mods, it was doable.

I think maybe you got a lvl4 site perhaps. Those are harder and have longer/bigger hacking ‘maps’ so it could be why you can’t finish before they warped in.

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I tried to do a lvl5 sleeper site in low sec and got blown up by some kind of damage. There were no NPCs but I think I triggered something. I need to read up on the walkthrough if I ever find another.

That was a Sleeper Cache site not a Ghost site.

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Found another Ghost Site, this time a Blood Raider site in a C3 wormhole.

It wasn’t difficult to scan down and it was classified as level 3. There was 4 cans as usual.

However, I went straight for the main can and it was much harder to hack compared to the Guristas one I found in low sec. Perhaps the -1.0 security of the wormhole space had something to do with it.

There was roadblocks everywhere and my virus wasn’t enough to break through more than 2 and I failed the attempt. The can exploded and I lost my T1 Heron. I am still Alpha clone so luckily it wasn’t an expensive loss. If I knew it was gong to explode, maybe I could have turn on my MWD and fly away instead of clicking the last virus to fail the attempt. I will try this next time.

So I failed to hack even 1 can and lost my ship. Definitely very risky endeavor. The low sec one I hack is definitely much easier compared to this one.

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Yes, the level 5 site was a Sleeper cache. I read about it and it seems I triggered a trap which caused my ship to explode. It has an initial gate where I have to hack a nearby can in order to use the gate.

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You got extremely lucky the first time. Consider the second attempt the normal.

If you turn you MWD your signature will increase and you will receive more damage. Consider an Afterburner instead, burn away from the can without closing the hacking window when you realize you fail the hack. You will probably die either way.

Thanks for the tip. Currently I am only on a Heron since I am Alpha clone.

So I don’t think MWD or AB makes a difference in damage ><

Ghost site cans explode if you fail a hack or take too long (when you decloak or land on grid uncloaked it starts a timer), and yes the ones in null/wh space can be tougher to hack. You can do ghost sites in a heron as long as you are cautious, but for sleeper caches I’d definitely suggest something with some tank and doing research on what kind of hazards you may run into (corrosive clouds, shockwaves etc.).

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Thanks for the tip. I think I will avoid those Sleepers.

So far just doing relics in WH space has been very profitable. Just recently I happen upon a WH called Thera. I did not stay long as there were some campers guarding the WH I came in from. Looks like there was stations in it. First time there but did not explore.

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Yup Thera is a unique wormhole system with Sisters of Eve stations. Thera is kind of a wormhole superhighway as it has tons of connections to other systems. as a result lots of PVPers call it home so watch your back in there.

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If you can fit a Mauler, this cruiser can survive in a superior( ?) covert research, the one found in null.
You NEED to fit for tank, with a mwd to move between the cans, armor plates to survive the rats.
I did survive … 6 ? ghost with mine, sometimes reaching hull when I had not the time to complete all 4 cans and the rats appear.
The problem is to get to your ship when you are far from it.

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Can’t use Maller since I am Alpha. I am stuck to Caldari ships for now.

So it is best to tank the damage in the covert facility?

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it’s always best to survive. if you are limited to gnosis, I guess you can fit it for resist too ?

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Yup I guess I can but the Gnosis is such a burden to carry around while I’m wandering about low sec. I think I’ll just avoid Sleepers for now.

Being in a cheap T1 Heron is good enough and I can lose it everyday and still not feel a pinch. Just got insta-popped on the gate the other day and I let my pod die as well so I can get back to my new ship faster. Dying and being podded is more time efficient than travelling through gates to get to a new ship.

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in that case, you can also do the covert researches. If you die, BM your wreck and come back to get it. I think secure containers can’t be probbed, so put one in your cargo and anchor it to drop your stuff in it before doing a site ?

That is a good idea! I thought of using a mobile depot but all I need is to save the loot and exploration loot don’t take much space anyway. So a secure container is definitely cheaper and more practical.

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mobile depots can be probed down.

When you enter a system for which you want to scan sigs, go to a safe, drop secure container, launch probes, cloak, start probing. if ghost, drop items in secure container, BM the container, do ghost.

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