Besieged covert research facility (mordu's legion) sites

Theses’ sites shouldn’t be just in low sec they should be in high sec as well so ppl don’t die doing them by players

let me know what u think

There are ghost sites in hisec. They’re just really rare.

I do not believe this rationale has any worth. Why should players be safe when farming potential high-value exploration sites?

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So that you can buy a Barghest for 300 million instead of 900 million like the other pirate ships, duh.

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Okay then. I’ve changed my mind. More importantly, I had forgotten that Beseiged sites aren’t ghost sites.


ya the Beseiged sites only spawn in low sec

and they are anoms, not signatures.

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i know that they are anoms but trying to do them in low sec is Bad lol not knowing if a player is cloaked watching u doing them site that why i would love them to be in high sec

Why are you running anoms or for that matter any lowsec pve content in a system with people you don’t know around. If you die farming a site in lowsec its your fault…

You have any idea how many of those sites there are in backwater empty systems…I saw 5 in one random dead end system just last night and in the 30 or so min I was in system I saw no one. Alternativly you could join a corp that is able to defend their members on their own home turf and not worry about getting caught in the first place.

But no we just want ez mode risk free isk right…that will make eve super fun and entertaining…

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What’s wrong with that? I would rather make some isk than never any because it could get a fight.
If you had nothing and needed something, would you take that risk?

Smartly sure…running combat sites in lowsec or nullsec with people that aren’t blue is a good way to lose what you have and make nothing.

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