Random Gas Sites

Looking for input/direction on finding random gas sites, not the sites that are hot in 1 specific constellation in each region. These constellations are camped so getting at the gas is more risky. I do a fair bit of exploration for relic sites and i haven’t seen very many random gas sites.

They don’t show up in the Agency window?

no they are cosmic signatures that have to be found by scanning them down. I am not seeing them very often except the “hotspot” constellation (1 specific constellation of 7 systems) that seem to have people who’s play style is to camp those gas sites for lols.

It must be a lowsec thing. I can’t remember ever scanning down such a signature.

its in nullsec although ive been told there are smaller gas cloud constellations in HS and LS. Much less gas to harvest though. The sites i’m going after have 1000+ units x 2-4 clouds, in the range of 200-500M worth of gas.

If you are after Cyto gas then they are in lowsec but you have to do your homework. I have alts in all gas regions, basically I scouted the hisec constellations for Myko, if you find a site then that means a site can spawn in any of the systems in that constellation including the lowsec ones, i.e. a nice Cyto site. Once you have mapped out hisec and adjoining lowsec you can pretty well guess where the sites are likely to be found. Also using superior zkillboard fu can give you some targets by searching for venture/prospect kills AND myko/cyto in the killmail.

I only know about low-sec gas as I think solo mining in null sec is a really dumb thing to do.

You can find gas sites in the entire region, not only in the specific constellation. You can even find Cyto in high sec but that’s pretty rare. Gas combat site are exclusively in low-sec from what I’ve seen.

Also there are gas constellation which are pretty much empty. The ones in Derelik and Molden Heath (which are next to each other) for examplte have very low traffic and you can mine for hours without anyone interrupting you.

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