High Sec Gas Sites

Hallo I was just wondering how often gas sites are apearing in High Sec?

I scanned down a bunch of systems but hadno luck finding a single gas site.

Was i just unlucky or am i just doing something wrong


As far is i know HS gas sites are primarily available in the following regions:

  • Aridia
  • Derelik
  • The Forge
  • Placid
  • Solitude
  • Molden Heath
  • Heimatar
  • Lonetrek

But their spawns are rare and very quickly depleted. Personally i wouldn’t even bother looking for gas in HS.

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Try low sec, I’ve heard a lot of new gas sites have been added there.


Thanks a million. No wonder i wasnt finding anything in Domain. Thought it would have been a Option for ne to get some Gas for the new BS Components.

Seems its to much of a hustle to get it by myself

Not to much trouble to go to losec for it in the mentioned regions. The best sites are tougher to scan down, like lvl iv difficulty, and last Id say 6+/- hours on average, plenty of people looking for them. From my experience if you find it you’ll usually have time to harvest it unmolested just watch for combat probes, or me in a cloaky astero creeping up on you.

It was you !

(Plus, you missed.)

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If it weren’t for noob explorers I wouldn’t be the pvp beast that I am. I would be more like the pvp wildebeest, charging at stuff and getting eaten.

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logged back in to give you a like !

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Try harvest gas in c1-c3 wormholes. It’s more profitable, but need more attention.

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Go for low sec gas. Mykoserocin sites are no longer region/constellation locked and are easy to find now. isk is much better than almost anything you will find in low class wormholes https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/ore/gas.php.

That being said, while you are already in low sec. You probably should grab normal ore. Just do your math and see what is more profitable.