Where are the gas sites?

I am not that new at EVE…but never did any gas harvesting, so yesterday I decided to go for it. Spend some 40 mio ISK for the skill and the gas harvester…and yes I did know I have to scan for gas sites.
But neither yesterday, nor today I found a single gas site. scanned in some 6-7 systems, found some 10 wormholes and 1 relic site. But no gas at all. I have all appropriate skills ( scan strengh at V) and I run a scan strengh rig. I am in high sec (also looked at a 0.5 system). Dont wanna run into wormholes…I want to harvest gas the safe way.
What did I miss? where to find gas sites?
Thanks for any help.

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Gas sites are regional. You can use the EVE Uni wiki to help localize what you can find near you - but be aware that gas harvesting is something that is meant to draw you out of high sec. AFAIK low sec or wormholes is the way to go when it comes to ninja gas harvesting, using a venture so you have a low capital investment and can easily afford to reship and try again if you get blown up.

EVE Uni Gas Cloud Harvesting article

Lowsec is infested with them.

You should also find plenty of gas sites in wormholes… set a timer for 15 minutes, rats will spawn 15m after the first warp in.

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thats it, thank you. I already knew the page but didnt check the nebula and where to find them
much apriciated, thx.

holy ■■■■…the closest location of gas sites in high sec is 21 jumps away. seems I wasted 40 mio ISK

Daytrip into wormholes. Lots of gas sites in wormholes. Use a Venture. If you lose it not difficult to replace, if you get just one load of gas out you’re way ahead. Also:

If you like gas huffing, train up to a Prospect . Maybe try Jedi huffing with it (sucking gas after the 15-minute timer when the sleepers show up and try to shoot you). It’s fun.

Oh, and you might wanna check your overview settings and make sure “harvestable gas clouds” are visible. o7

21 Jumps? That’s close. I did 108 jump roundtrips for events…

thanks everyone for comments and help.
for now, this is nothing for me.
I produce Bacteria and sell at my standard hub (Amarr VIII) at 700+ per unit (!!!)
I am full PI skilled so this is it. makes about 15 mio every day without work

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