Not findingGas sites

I am an alpha and got my scanning issues resolved and am able to scan almost everything in 0.2 sec also.
But I am getting loads of wormholes,relic&data sites but no gas sites.
I wanna practice and scan down some gas sites - any sec /low isk value is OK.

Read in wiki that Placid has some gas sites/nebulae. My scan didn`t return any gas sites there as well.
I am based out of Essence now and making some long trips and keeping on scanning every system I pass thru.Still no gas clouds.

Are there certain specific areas that have those clouds - anything I am missing out?
Any help is highly appreciated - gotta find some and huff some farty clouds :cold_face: just to get things started.

As much as I do wormhole relic sites I always find those annoying gas sites that I have to ingnore :sunglasses:
Try wormholes maybe, huff till the rats show up and take the new one…

There are very few hisec systems in Placid on the jita side that have gas. Your best bet is to traverse a few lowsec systems into the Josmaert constellation, that will give you 10 systems to target mykoserocin gas plus lots of surrounding lowsec systems for cytoserocin gas. You will find lots of competition though.

More generally it does take some research and scouting to work out where best to target. Vermillion gas is all over the Heimatar region, Lime gas all over Derelik. Same applies though, competition everywhere.

If you find a gas site, bookmark the constellation as this means gas can spawn in any of the associated systems. Then you’ll build up a picture of where to hunt.

Thanks a lot.

jump into a wh you will see plenty of gas sites to scan. Gas sites in J space are much rarer

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