Gas Sites

I havn’t been able to scan down a gas site in over a week, possibly bad luck, but I am worried the additional wormholes broke something.

Has anyone seen a gas site recently?

No, not for a week or so -and I scan our C3 every day. Come to think of it the only non-wh sigs I’ve scanned down this week have been Data sites.

Some places n wormholes never spawn gas…right?

Not WH related but hisec/lowsec gas has been hard work this week. It does vary though so maybe my hard luck. Prices haven’t spiked so probably just me.

That may well be the case, but the wormhole I inhabit has always had plenty of gas sites, something has definitely changed…

I see. And how long has it been since you saw your last gas site?

I’m here in genesis , have no problems scanning down gas , yesterday scanned down 3 … but just started this last week going after gas sites, so i have nothing to compare to :slight_smile: … even got stranded in the hole only to have some dude from pandemic hoard try to scan me down as well …I don’t think he was there to help, I came prepared swapped out my gas gear and finally made it out with a full load of c72 peace …

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We still had an old one in the system on the 18th, but I think the last time I saw a fresh one appear was the 12th.

I see gas sites in other systems on my travels, but I can’t tell how long they’ve been there.

eta: Just done today’s scan - no gas sites, just endless links to class 4’s :frowning:

have scaned a c2 yesterday and saw 6+ gas sites

Gas sites can hang around for a long time, so seeing 6 doesn’t mean any or all of them have only just spawned.

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