Where is all the Gas?

I’ve been trying to get into huffing but it seems like no matter where I go it’s a waste of time. I’ve explored Min and Gal space looking in the indicated constellations (all LS) but I can’t find gas sites for the life of me.

Should I just bite the bullet and invest in a data/relic hunter that can handle the rats? I’ve been going out looking for gas for weeks now and only seem to find sites incidentally, if at all. Is there something I’m missing or is this a common issue?

Try the 0.4 low sec cluster around Avenod and Aset or a cluster such as that one. All you need is a venture fitted with 16 core probes ( I use 16 so they automatically reload ) and 2 Gas Scoops. Optionally a good MWD, Med. Shield Extender, and ML3 Scoped Survey Scanner. Once you find a cloud, get to mining, and align your ship to a gate or station. Keep your eyes peeled on the tactical ( zoomed out ) for players and warp away at the first sign of trouble. Also no rats are found in 0.4 gas sites.

Recently with this event going on, I haven’t been bothered by other players all that much. They must be busy doing the event and not have time to be ganking little ventures. I am making a lot of ISK working those kind of sites, but I am not currently using Avenod and this is why I use it as an example of what to look for in the area you desire to mine.

Fly safe o7

Avenod and Aset, I’ll check those areas as well. Thanks for the tip.

Edit: I went to check out both systems and they were empty so I tried the Caldari constellations and managed to luck out big time. However I am beginning to think my issue is timezone related because I am usually only able to find sites late at night. I will try those systems in the evening tomorrow.

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I agree, time of day can play a factor. Also check the systems for player activity. This is done using the map settings, with the cog in the upper left corner of the map. I tend to leave mine set to Ships Destroyed in the last hour, but I also check number of pilots in space and in dock as well. Days can play a major part too. I find things spawn and often go unnoticed when it is Tuesday to Thursday. :grin:

Haha, yeah I totally do that too and haven’t been relying solely on dotlan maps for that type of info! Lolwhoops.