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All my friends in the game are saying, “John you really need to start fart sucking (gas mining) in wormholes.” I keep trying it, just to lose more stuff than I make on profits. My last epic travesty was a total loss ( I think ) I will let you be the judge.

I found a wormhole in high sec over in the Metro region. I bookmarked this and loaded up my gear inside a Tayra and went back and grabbed my Miasmos as well. I launched my Mobile Depot at a bookmark and started huffing gas. I was doing pretty well until I got blown up by the nasty NPCs and had to limp back to the wormhole and it had collapsed.

Is there any method to relocating the same J space number again? From what I read this far, the odds in randomly finding it are over 1 in 2,000. I also know any undocked ships are cleaned after 24 hours. My Mobile depot has about 28 days, anything I left in the station is just sitting there, unless the station explodes. I figure at this point the contents of that pocket of J space is just a loss or am I wrong?

Is there any method to finding this place again or should I leave my stuff for the buzzards? I know one thing this misadventure has taught me, wormholes and John Rochard don’t get on too well.

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There is one important thing about wormhole gas huffing.
About 15-20 minutes after the first player visits the site, Sleepers (aggressive NPCs) will warp in and attack.

The normal approach for gas mining in wormholes is to go in with a scanning ship, scan the site down but don’t warp to it. Then come back out, get your cheap huffing ship (Venture) and go and huff a few cycles. Run if you see NPCs (don’t wait for they cycle to finish - you will be very dead before then) or just cut your losses after a while before they arrive (safer).

Unfortunately, you went into Anoikis (j-space) big and greedy with substantial infrastructure. The wormhole has collapsed and, unless you are very lucky, you’ll have lost it.
There are groups that specialise in mapping the changing connections (I assume you recorded the system number?). Signal Cartel does this, but the costs are likely to be not worth it compared to your losses.
You have my sympathy.

Don’t let it put you off - exploring wormholes is interesting, fun and profitable. Just don’t go in heavy handed. A cheap, light touch works best.

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as said terak, don’t give up, there is a learning curve, you start somethg new, you loose ships, you learn and improve (fit, strategy, etc) and then you will eventually succeed, “this is the way” (in eve)
forget about the suff you left in the wh, you could pay signal cartel etc but for the value that you left there it is probably not worth it
i Will send you a tip tonight to cover your mobile depot and miasmos loss (did you loose more?), so try again!
One friendly advice: eve is an old game, so many posts/guides exist on the net
for example if you had googled “eve + wormhole + gas”, you have landed here Gas cloud harvesting - EVE University Wiki
and would have seen that

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Look up the Jedi trick to gas huffing.

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Not sure if higher level gas sites have sleepers that web and scram but it is possible to sig tank the NPCs in a good t2 mining frigate and I have before.

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First off, thanks for all the people replying in kind.

I thought as much, not a huge loss. The NPCs took me by surprise and I was in my venture at the time. Loss in ISK about 8 million + gas scooped. The rest of my stuff Miasmos, Tayra, and mining gear is trapped inside the station. The Mobile Depot is going to poof before I find it again. As for the J code number, it will probably be in my personal assets folder, until the station explodes, or whoever put it there decides to pull up stakes.

@Wyk_Bathana I am just not having good luck with the wormholes. I have watched several videos and read a lot on the subject. However most talk like you must be Omega to work these. My best haul from a wormhole so far was 15 million and that was barely enough to pay for the 2 scoops and ship parts.

@Io_Koval and @Anthony_FatTony_Amico you have to be omega for that to apply. I watched a video about Jedi Trick on Captain Benzie’s channel.

I thought it would be different this time, because of the citadel station being there for a base, but then I got flung all the way back to Jita, and was kicking myself for not transferring my homebase to any nearby Metropolis station. If I ever do find my way back there, I will send an ALT in too just for insurance.

Fly safe o7

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you can try gas huffing in low sec. the isk is usually better and there are no NPC rats. the only danger is from other humans.

Ah, I did not realize this. Good to know, thanks for informing me. Sorry that it is not currently an option for you.

Kaivarian’s suggestion of lowsec huffing is a good one. However, as a heads up, not all regions are equal and you will be locked into limited types of gas (without relocating regions). Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to be aware of vs WH huffing.

I don’t know who Captain Benzie is but he is wrong about not using ventures

You can see him on YouTube. I agree ventures are both cheap and effective anywhere you mine ore or scoop gas. He is an omega, so tutorials tend to overuse omega tricks and omega ships. Lorumerth is another but I tend to follow a method close to what he shows in this video.

I also have viewed a lot of Aceface vids on YouTube too.

I have a Tristan I built up for clearing belts of rats in low sec. As you can guess, it uses drones for the primary DPS and I call it “Thunder Bear”. If the NPC rats are too many, I drop a nav point on one side of the field and another on the other side, about 250 to 300 km apart. As the rats approach point A, I release the drones. As the drones start to attack, I hit my MWD and run for point B. Allowing the drones to remain in combat and avoid ship damage. If the rats get close to point B, I return to point A. The majority of my income is from mining kernite and other ores. The rest is missions and low budget hauling contracts.

Oh, i am just a poor humble wormholer who teaches new bro’s in a CCP approved teaching corp. We have alpha’s jedi huffing almost every cloud in J-space in ventures.
Youtubers tend to be quite brain dead when it comes to game mechanics imo

Edit: I think I killed that Lourometh guy recently, his proteus dropped shiny loot

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nice. i looked up the kill. very shiny.

If you’ve left the WH then chances of you personally finding it again, particularly as a K-Space dweller … well better chance to win the lottery. So write it off and learn … next time be sure to check the WH info, sounds to me that you may have gone in an EOL hoke(i.e. one that will die in under 4 hours), and bring a scanner next time. So if your way in dies you can find your way out.

@Lesican maybe I didn’t make that part clear enough for you. I watched a video about Jedi Trick on Captain Benzie’s channel. I said, I use a modified version of the Lorumerth venture build in the video I posted. I don’t care who you ganked or what you got from them. Where can I find your tutorial on Jedi Gas Huffing?

To all others in this thread, one of my friends took me out and showed me how to find gas in a 0.4 system. They were very excited about the gas, it took a long time to gather, but my venture had an estimated 60 million ISK in the one load, which is better than anything I have found in the wormholes. Also it was very nice to pass the time talking to a good friend.

Fly safe o7

Glad you had a good time. Just remember to not take my gas or there’ll be rapid unscheduled disassembly diplomacy involved. :smiley:

Join Banjo Fight Club IGC and become a corpmate

I have actually seen a venture do it against two sleeper battleships.

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