A newbie's wormhole adventure log

I’m not sure if this has been done before, but I would like to start a log on exploring wormhole space from the perspective of a new player. From my achievements and inevitable failures, I think this might be fun and possibly valuable for others to offer help and to learn from mistakes I’ve made!! I don’t plan for this to be daily, but will post a couple times a week as long as this log goes on.

The Adventure before the log
I’ve been playing eve for a bit over month now, and just started wormhole exploration maybe a week or two ago, and I have been extremely lucky. This is what I’ve been up to so far.

Once I decided that I wanted to jump into wormhole space after already trying out exploration, I spent my first few days preparing by just scanning down wormholes and trying to identify them visually as I was too frightened originally to jump into any of them. This guide helped alot on that end: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Visual_wormhole_identification

Thanks to an Astero an acquaintance sold to me, I felt confident in jumping into wormhole space after I purchased Omega and got some cloak skills trained. At this time, I wasn’t aware of the D-scanner and was very fortunate that I didn’t encounter anyone during this time.

My first attempt at exploring wormhole space was exciting and scary, I spent a few hours within my first wormhole, filled with plenty of adrenaline, partially thanks to the fact that I warped away from my wormhole BEFORE bookmarking it for a return trip.

Filled with panic, I scanned down the various sites and anytime I found a wormhole, I would warp towards it and use the skills I learnt in prep to identify them, which helped me avoid warping into unnecessary wormholes. I did however get this wrong, and mistook a C4+ wormhole for minmitar space instead (which is where I entered from)

Without going down the chain of wormholes, I scanned down some sites, got some loot and eventually found my way back home (Without being attacked by pure chance due to the lack of D-scan usage)

Making quite a bit of money during my first few days of exploration, that’s when I did a bit more research and found out about d-scanning and started practicing by jumping head first into more wormhole space.

This is where my Logs begin.


++Log 01++
Current ship: Astero

After learning about how to use D-scan and using it in systems, I ended up realizing that wormhole space wasn’t always as empty as I thought. As I am flying solo with no experience and very little knowledge of other ships and how they could find me, I often found myself running away at the first sight of anything that wasn’t a structure.

Although this did cut off my exploration in some wormholes short, it didn’t take me long to get used to the mechanics. I got into the habit of scanning down every site before attempting to hack and loot, and keeping an eye on the d-scanner more frequently once I decide to decloak. This then lead me to my first proud achievement in wormhole space.

As I was scanning down sites in a large system, as I was about half way through, I noticed some probes from another player floating around from my D-scan. As they weren’t combat probes, I was happy to keep scanning down sites for now. I had forgotten to save my return wormhole again, so I was jumping to wormholes to try and figure out if it was the way home, which lead to me finding the other scanning player by chance, who was outside of d-scan range from the majority of sites. Unsure if I should risk decloaking, I came to the revelation that since they weren’t using combat probes, and were far away from most sites and weren’t in a cloaky ship, I could get in and out before he realized I was there.

As such, I warped to sites that I couldn’t find them on D-scan while keeping an eye out to make sure their probes were still floating around and they weren’t warping in close. I made many mistakes while hacking and did lose some loot from exploded cans due to the panic and adrenaline of knowing a potentially dangerous player was nearby. But, as I had a large time advantage in scanning down sites, I managed to use my cargo scanner and get the most valuable loot from all the sites outside of D-scan range (which was almost all of them anyway) and re-cloak before they even had a chance to find me.

Since they showed no signs of moving or realizing I was there, I decided to practice my D-scan some more by trying to figure out where they were, even if it was only roughly. It took quite a bit of time, I was still very clunky with my scanning and it was a lot of trial and error, but I eventually found them once narrowing down the scan angle and distance to be tethered to a citadel in the system. Warping towards the citadel at a safe distance, I then decided to look up the player that I found.

This allowed me to figure out what information was possible to obtain in Wormhole space, from having to be on the same grid to find out who the player actually is, to then using sites like https://zkillboard.com/ to try find more about what they do, and looking into the alliances and corporations the player and the citadel was in. Overall, the information wasn’t exactly useful for me, but I think the process to getting it will become valuable later on.

Having ninja’d my way to some good loot, this gave me a great sense of achievemnt, pleny of relief and some good funds to start trying out some gas mining, which I will talk about in tomorrow’s log.


++Log 02++

Current ship/s: Astero & Venture

As someone new to Eve, I’ve been enjoying exploring the different career paths that it has to offer, and haven’t settled down on anything yet. Because of that, I decided to make a hefty investment (at least for a new player) into Gas mining, purchasing the skill book and getting 2 cheap ventures, one for gas, and another for mining ores. Both of these belong to an Alt I made with the idea of being more Industrial and Hauling focused, so I can keep exploring with my main in case I ever get lost or decide to dive really deep into a wormhole tunnel/null sec.

So this log will be talking about not only my first attempts at gas mining, but also my first attempts at multi-boxing wormhole space.

I did some prior research to gas mining, and already encountered a big mistake in my first gas site. I had scanned it down using my Astero, and saved the locations in a shared folder which my Alt has access to. For the first few sites, I did remember to save my return wormhole! Just in case, my venture is fitted with some cheap scanning probes if it needs to find its way back. I just finished training gas harvesting and already had some bookmarks ready to go, so off into the wormhole my venture goes.

Landing at the gas site, I had Evepraisal open on my other monitor to then quickly type down the name of both gases to figure out which one was more expensive, then I used my Micro Warp Drive to go towards the gas I wanted to harvest. My mistake was, I didn’t realise that I needed Gas Harvesting at level 2 in order to use both harvesters simultaneously, so my first gas site didn’t have as big of a haul.

While I was harvesting gas, I decided to risk continuing to explore with my Astero and split my attention in this dangerous space. Luckily, It was quite easy while scanning down sites to check on my Venture while the scan was in progress, quickly adjust the probes to re-scan, then check on my venture again, which meant I was pretty safe on both sides for now. After seeing enemy NPC’s warp into the gas site, I left with the venture and came back with an ore mining one to grab some of the valuable ore in the wormhole. At this point I thought the NPC’s would despawn and I would be free to resume mining in the gas site, but since that wasn’t the case, I continued looking for more gas sites to mine.

I did this a few times without much trouble, but I found that once I decided to hack sites with my Astero, it was a lot harder to split my attention. I did it the best I could and was fortunate that nothing happened, but I made sure my Astero got the majority of attention since it would be the more expensive loss.

During this back and forth, is when I encountered my first fleet travelling through Wormhole space. As I once again, forgot to bookmark my return wormhole, I was jumping wormhole to wormhole to find the way home. I noticed a person on my d-scan while I was parked about 50km from a wormhole I checked, so I decided to stop what I was doing and monitor what they were up to. That’s when by chance they warped towards the wormhole I was at. I saw them go through it, and thought I might be safe to continue scanning. But as I was checking the info of the ship that just passed so I had an idea of if it might be dangerous if it returns, a second person appeared and went through the wormhole, then a third, a fourth and then I lost track as many more just kept going through, with some staying behind to keep watch or something.

I kept watching the fleet, and decided that it probably wasn’t safe to continue exploration for now, so I headed home after scanning down the sites. Coming back a little later, I noticed the fleet was gone, so I did the data/relic sites (which I was happy that they were untouched), and brought my venture with me to take more gasses. It turns out the fleet came back, and I encountered my first gank in wormhole space.

I had left my venture behind to mine while I returned home with the loot, and a straggler from the fleet had decided to come say hi. I didn’t handle it quite smoothly, but as I’ve been ganked in low sec quite a few times already, I had my venture pre-aligned to a celestial, and had it camped towards the edge of the gas, to avoid people warping into the gas, right on top of me. I was quite slow, and misclicked a couple times, resulting in the enemy being able to lock onto me, and fire their first volley which took out almost all my shields. I should have been able to get out before they could even shoot, but I did manage to escape with my loot.

Not wanting to push my luck, it was time to return home and started thinking about what I might want to try next. I might look into combat sites in wormhole space, or maybe getting stuck into a deep dive through wormhole tunnels.

–Lessons learnt & Mistakes made–
Since I want this log to be insightful to new players and for veterans to point out if I’m learning/doing something wrong, I think I’ll be adding this at the ends of my logs. I’ll be including what I learnt from Log 01 since I didn’t include this there.

  • Use you D-scanner (directional scanner): Wormhole space isn’t empty, this helps you at least get an idea of what’s going on around you will help you know if you need to flee.

  • Learn how to identify wormholes: You can identify, or at least guess what type of wormhole it is visually. This will help save you time, and will prevent any unnecessary risk of jumping through multiple wormholes you don’t want to go through. I’ve been warping within 20km so that I don’t accidentally decloak from the wormhole and checking what type of wormhole it is.

  • Get Gas Harvesting 2 before jumping into gas mining: You’ll need it to use both harvesters simultaneously and make the most of your miner before having to jump out (especially if you are ninja gas mining like me)

  • When multi-boxing, focus on your more valuable screen: If doing something dangerous like I was, make sure your main focus is on the account with more valuable gear (possibly have the other account with acceptable/little loss in case you need to keep your attention on one of them)

  • Pre-align to be ready to warp out: This will save valuable seconds to get out of dodge if you are in danger, especially if you make a mistake, are a little late to notice or panic like myself.

  • Keep calm: I probably won’t be able to keep completely calm until I’m more experienced, but do your best to make some preparations, so that when the moment comes, you at least know what to do in your panic, adrenaline fueled state.


++Log 03++

Current Ship/s: Astero & Venture

Having done exploration in wormhole space successfully, making more than the money I had invested into the skills and ships I used, I felt a little bit more confident flying my ships in wormhole space longer as I had the ISK to easily replace my ships a couple of times if I needed. With that in mind, I decided to try go through my first wormhole chain!

Starting off with a C2 wormhole that I found near my home base, figuring it was the best place to get started, I dived in with my Astero, using a shared folder to save my locations so that my Venture could come and go as needed. Rather than exploring each wormhole, I decided to go down a single chain for simplicities sake for now. The first few wormholes were a little busy, and I managed to nab some sites, scan down gas sites and move my venture towards them, which is where I hit a small problem.

As I have been ninja mining with my venture, I never considered what would happen if someone else with the same idea would beat me to the site. Upon arriving, to my destination, I was surrounded by at least 8 NPC ships. Not paying attention 100%, my Venture was very VERY fortunate to get out with a slither of health. After a quick detour to repair, I then made sure to fly in with my Astero first to check if the site was clear before jumping my venture in. As I type this, I wonder if my D-scan can find NPC ships, I’ll try remember to play around with these settings next time to hopefully not be caught unawares again.

This continued for the next hour or two, as I was happily scanning down sites and saving a plethora of book marks. The highlight of my trip was towards the end, where I had mistaken what type of wormhole I was jumping into and found myself in a C6 wormhole. At this point, my attention on my Venture dropped quite considerably as I flew around in this large system to see what it was all about.

I had hit a pretty nice jackpot, with plenty of sites I could scan down and some gas sites I haven’t been to before, I was left to my own devices as the system was empty. My Venture full with expensive gas, my Astero overflowing with valuable loot, I was feeling quite adventurous and wanted to continue down the chain and take a bit of a risk. Unfortunately, that’s around the time I got a ping about the downtime being less than 10 minutes out. Feeling quite content, and not feeling quite safe with leaving my ships out in space, so I returned home. It was quite fortunate that I returned when I did as my final return wormhole was on its last legs and would have most likely collapsed if I had waited until after downtime (Thanks to it being an extended downtime).

Safely home without being stranded off in Wormhole space, I completed my first (but rather short) dive into a wormhole chain. I was planning to try out combat as well, but since the wormhole was going to close down soon, it was something I decided to save until next time.

–Lessons learnt & Mistakes made–

  • Make sure gas sites are clear!: Even though there aren’t players around, NPC’s can still pose a considerable threat, so make sure to check if the sites are clear of enemies before jumping in.

  • Keep an eye on your return wormholes: If you don’t want to get lost in wormhole space, make sure to check your return wormholes periodically. In my case, my venture can check for me whenever it needs to return gas.


Logs are always fun to keep and read later on. They are also great tomes to build a Wormhole Corp from.

I’m not too sure what you mean as a tome to build a wormhole corp from. Do you mean it might be a goo way to gather other people into one group?

++Log 04++

Current Ship/s: Astero & Venture

Exploration this week was rather slow, partially due to slightly less time available, but also thanks to a few of my friends who have just started playing EvE. I have been continuing to explore wormhole space in short sessions, using some extra tools thanks to an email from someone who reads this log (Sorry that I forgot to reply to you >.<). But I’ve been including checking the wormhole information on top of visually analyzing the wormhole itself. Despite that, I did end up in another C6 wormhole by accident and came home with another nice haul.

Things have been looking good, with the Isk I’ve been saving up, I’ve now invested into 2 additional ships I hope to bring into wormhole space once I have the time. I got a Fleet Issue Stabber to try out some of the easier combat sites (And clear up rats that appear where I mine/harvest) and I also am getting myself a Porpoise to try out some mining operations and see how that fares.

My friends have expressed an interest in mining too, so I took one of them into wormhole space to show them some of the basics and left the to mine for a bit. It was quite satisfying to know that some of the tips and tricks I learnt thanks to keeping this log and from my research was helping someone out! The plus side is I’ll potentially have a few extra hands in my first mining operation in wormhole space.

So although nothing spectacularly new happened since the last log, I’m hoping I can come across a good place to try out combat or small mining operations in the near future. I still am going to do some additional research, so here’s hoping it goes well and I don’t end up as a wreak in unknown space.

Lessons Learnt & Mistakes Made

  • Nothing of note this log, but have fun in the thrill of dangerous space and fly safe! o7
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++Log 05++

Current Ship/s: Astero, Venture & Stabber Fleet Issue

I’ve been putting it off for a little bit, trying to find a nice little quiet wormhole near my home station to finally give it a shot, and I finally dipped my toes in some Wormhole combat! As you may have expected, I did make quite a few mistakes >.< (They’ll be in the lessons learnt & mistakes made section at the bottom as usual)

While doing some wormhole exploration for the day, I found myself a C2 wormhole that was near my home station. After scanning down the anomalies and looting the sites, I was fairly confident that the wormhole was empty (at least for now). I made note of all the combat sites that were in the wormhole and did some research to see which ones didn’t have many battleships and didn’t have any electronic warfare to keep things simple. Among the available sites, I thought that the Perimeter Checkpoint would be the perfect site for my first attempt at combat.

Returning home, I grabbed myself my Stabber, loaded myself up with ammo and a MTU for good measure, and entered the wormhole, preparing for the worst. My streak of good luck continued, as for this entire attempt at tackling wormhole combat, not a single ship or scanner probe was spotted, so I was left to my own devices.

Convinced that I was safe for the moment, I warped into the site, ready for a difficult battle, and was immediately hit by an Alpha strike that took out half my shields. Normally I run shield tanked ships, so I panicked for a moment trying to realise what hit me, and it turns out it was the 2 sentry turrets, and they were so far away! After remembering that I was running a build for armour tank with double rep, I calmed down a bit, heading towards the first sentry tower. I originally chose this site, thinking the towers wouldn’t be an issue and would just be a buffer like they were in other sites I did in known space, but instead it turns out they were the most troublesome of the lot.

With my afterburners activated, I made my way towards the sentry towers, and in hindsight, I could have done this better by bookmarking a landmark nearby, warping away then back, or at the very least, overheating my afterburners to close the gap faster as I had plenty of repair paste. But instead, I slowly made my way towards the first tower, having to burn through both my repair modules in order to stay afloat.

Along the way, I was using my Webber to slow down ships that got too close to me and shoot them when they were within firing range. I repeated this until I got into firing range of the turret and changed targets. It took some trial and error to change my orbiting distance as I started orbiting too close which meant that my tracking couldn’t keep up properly (as my skills aren’t high yet), so setting a further distance, I found a comfortable range that my autocannons could deal some good damage.

It wasn’t quite that simple though, with the second sentry turret wailing on me from afar, I had to manage my repair modules, occasionally turning off my afterburners to keep my capacitor at steady levels. It took quite a bit of time, but after taking down the first sentry tower, I was ready to make my way to the next, but my capacitor, loaded nanite paste and armour were all critically low. It was at this moment that I noticed that the other ships I had shot at on the way to the sentry tower weren’t regenerating health, and that none of them had shields. I figured this meant I could use some hit and run tactics, as it was something I really needed!

I dropped my MTU, saved its location, and warped away to a nearby celestial. I then reloaded everything, let my armour and capacitor recharge and mentally was preparing myself to return. I then realised that what I did could be quite dangerous, since unlike what I’m used to, I wasn’t in a cloaked ship and my align time is much slower. If someone were after me, I would have been caught and killed quite easily since I didn’t have any safe spots. Making a mental note to prepare them next time, I returned into the battle.

The second sentry was much much simpler than the first. Once I reached orbiting range, the only damage I had to be wary of was from the other ships, but they were not enough to make me feel threatened as long as I turned on my second repair module for a tick every now and then. It was only after I took down the second sentry that I remembered that I had drones! It was quite fortunate that I did forget, as they would have most likely been taken down by a single hit if those turrets had targeted them. Releasing the drones made the process of taking down the first wave much faster as although it took a lot of time, I would web, orbit and fire upon each enemy, leaving the one that would spawn the next wave for last.

Afterwards it was a pretty straight forward process for wave 1 and 2, the only thing I had to keep an eye on was my directional scanner, and making sure my drones would return if they were under fire. The fight was long, my damage wasn’t that great, so it took quite some time to clear these waves, which gave me plenty of time to practice (And potentially get ganked >.<) Wave 3 was when things got a little more intense again.

With a battleship joining the fray, I would take quite a bit of damage from its volleys, so I had to manage my capacitor by giving up my after burner every now and then, but the Webber meant that I could at least keep up with the targets I’ve caught. With the escorts down, it was many, many victory laps around the battleship as it took a long time to finally take down.

3715 Rounds of ammunition and 52 nanite paste later, I had finally completed my first wormhole combat site! Warping away then back to my MTU, I looted myself ~12 Mil worth of stuff, and returned later to salvage about ~2 Mil. It was a lot of work, but I was glad I tried it out. The loot wasn’t as much as I got from exploration (due to my lack of skills and knowledge), but I had fun and am looking forward to trying to improve in the next battle.

–Lessons Learnt & Mistakes Made–

  • Make Safe Spots - This is probably the most important lesson I learnt in this log, make sure to create proper safe spots BEFORE engaging in battles or whatever activity you do. I got too complacent with my cloaky astero that it could have been quite disastrous if I didn’t get lucky.

  • Sentry Turrets Hurt!! - Don’t underestimate them, they do a lot of damage in wormhole space and will take you out if you’re not properly prepared.

  • Warping is your friend - Make use of bookmarks to save objects you can warp to in a site since if it is far away, it’ll be quicker (and safer) to leave and return to that bookmark.

  • Hit & Run - Since sleepers don’t regenerate shields (Or armour by default I think), if you feel in danger, save a bookmark, warp to a safe spot. Although I didn’t end up needing to, if dangerous players enter the system, prepare to abandon a site to avoid losing your ship.

  • Stay Vigilant - Like with hacking, it can be easy to tunnel vision at the task at hand and forget to check your D-scanner. Make sure you keep an eye out to see if you see anything suspicious, since you might not have a lot of time to react if someone is hunting you down.

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Another tip for wh combat sites: They don’t have gates (at lest in low class wh’s). Warp in, make bookmarks closer to NPC’s (in this case sentry guns), using warpable debris in sites. Then bounce from sun or something and warp at bookmark at much closer range to your targets. You will save all that burn time.

Anyway, I really like to read your stories. Reminds me of mistakes I made when I learned to live in wormholes myself. I still miss that adrenaline rush.


I’m glad you’re enjoying reading through my struggles >.<
It’s a lot of fun to write. Idk how long I’ll be able to keep this going, but as long as I’m making some cool discoveries, trying something new or making mistakes, I’ll keep writing :3

Thanks for the tip as well! I’ll be giving it a go in my next attempt at combat. I’ll probably continue making mistakes and it’s probably only a matter of time until my luck runs out :stuck_out_tongue:
Since I’m doing most of this solo, it’s been quite an experience going into the unknown.


++Log 06++

Current Ships: A̶s̶t̶e̶r̶o̶, Venture & Stabber Fleet Issue

As if jinxing myself from my previous posts, we all knew it would come, but my luck finally ran out and I’ve had my first death within wormhole space.

Let’s start this log from the beginning, as I had a day off that I felt like being adventurous in wormhole space. Unfortunately, there weren’t many wormholes in the systems near my homebase. Finally finding one, I Identified it as a C5 wormhole, and with my previous luck in high class wormholes, I thought I would take a bit of a risk and try go down a chain of wormholes within the C4-C6 range.

Unlike my previous success, it was quite a dry spell on the exploration side. Most of the systems I explored had few anomolies to scan down, or they were mostly combat relic/data sites and more wormholes. I did however, find quite a few valuable gas sites, which meant that it wasn’t a complete loss. The chain was probably the furthest I’ve travelled since my first attempt down a wormhole chain, going about 4-5 wormholes deep with a bit of backtracking to explore other interesting looking wormholes. This continued for a few hours with nothing to show for it, so I decided that I should head back and look for some lower classed wormholes to at least find something to bring home. There was however, one more high ranked wormhole I had left to check…

Jumping in, I took my time to scan the sites, and set up my Venture to mine some gas in the mean time, and I finally found a site! A singular relic site that I could loot. So after scanning the remaining sites, and making a couple of safe spots (I’ve been putting it to practice!), I warped to the site, checked my D-scan to see if there was any visible threats, then scanned down the cargo. Some of them had decent cargo, and I was willing to take anything at this point, but in particular, one of the cargo containers had a larger drop of ~14 million, so I slowly made my way over to it, hacking the containers along the way.

Finally arriving at the juicy container, I double checked my D-Scan and activated my relic analyser, as I heard the whir of the hacking starting up and I started studying the grid to see where I wanted to go first, an unfamiliar beep appeared. Looking through my menu’s to see what was going on, I noticed another player on my overview, which was quickly followed by a target lock and a Warp Disruptor!

I had heard stories about this during my initial research about wormhole space, a hidden ship by shiny loot, I immediately recognised the situation I was in and how it came to be, which I thought I might have been somewhat prepared for (I wasn’t). With my vision obscured by the hacking site, I was panicking, more so than I would have liked to admit. I turned on my micro warp drive, closing my unneeded windows, and poking my eyes at the overview. My reaction was slow as my shields whittled down rapidly, instead of relying on my safe spots I bookmarked, I jumped to the celestials out of habit, picking the closest one. I shouldn’t have done that.

Already trying to speed away from this predator, my ship did a 180, flying straight towards him instead of away, trying to align to the warp point! I was spamming the warp button, trying to get out, forgetting to overheat my MWD to try get out of range, my shields were gone, my armour barely holding on, it was at this moment I knew the ship was lost.

Changing gears, I prepared myself to warp out in my capsule, to at least save the various expensive implants I had, waiting for the inevitable, counting down the hull, 3…2…1… BOOM, my ship exploded, and I was spamming my hotkey to warp away like my life depended on it (Because it did!). But nothing was happening, I thought maybe there was some latency, so I kept at it. Still nothing, so I decided to use the overview instead, but it was too late… I was locked again, and my capsule taken out.

I sat back on my seat, seeing myself enter a new clone from my home station, trying to realise what happened, just about ready to rage at the latency issue. Instead, I got a pretty good chuckle, I realised afterwards that I was spamming my hotkey for docking/jumping through stargates, instead of my warp to hotkey, which is why it didn’t work. It was a little relieving (although a little embarrassing) to know it wasn’t the games fault, instead, my own that I lost my capsule (And ship), so I felt more ok with it.

I then took a moment to think about what happened and what I could have done differently, and I’m sure there is more than what I can currently think of, but I might as well go through it (and reiterate it at the lessons in the end). Aligning straight away then activating my MWD would have been a good start, or even if I already had my MWD, taking a moment to look where I’m travelling and picking a celestial/bookmark that’s somewhat in the direction so that I keep running AWAY from my pursuer instead of back into them. There were probably other signs, like a single good can in only 1 site in a high class wormhole probably should have triggered some flags.

Having calmed down a bit from that adrenaline rush, I decided the first thing to do was to rebuy my implants so that my training would still be at a faster speed. As I was making my way to Jita to make my purchases, I was trying to decided what ship I should get, but unsurprisingly, I’ve grown quite attached to the Astero. It saw me through quite a journey, and it was quite a reliable ship, for a not so reliable pilot. It wasn’t a hard decision to get another to stay as my exploration partner in dangerous space for now (Sorry Porpoise, you’ll have to wait).

~200 million ISK down the drain to replace everything, but I had already earnt so much more from my wormhole exploration, so I figured it was best to call my losses for the day and get myself pumped up for the next dive into Wormhole space.

–Lessons Learnt & Mistakes Made–

  • D-scan doesn’t find ALL threats - I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, stay vigilant. It only takes a moment for things to go south. I grew quite reliant on the D-scanner, and it did save me from various situations multiple times, but make sure to not solely rely on it.

  • Align, then Warp! - Another mistake I made, was that I tried to warp straight away, and then I aligned. This time around, I was already travelling with my MWD so it wasn’t the worst case scenario (except when I turned around) the warp command doesn’t do anything if you’re hit with a disruptor/scrambler!

  • Warp in the direction you’re travelling - It can be life saving to take a moment to check what you can warp to in the direction you’re moving if you weren’t able to align before hand.

  • Overheat your propulsion! - When trying to get away, maximize your chances by using going even faster. Much better to repair it later on than to lose the entire ship!

  • Know your hotkeys - It also helps to practice using them! Muscle memory for the right hotkey for the right situation can be invaluable. I had muscle memory for warping away, just the wrong muscle memory.

  • Bad things happen - Things won’t always go your way, you’ll have loses, and that’s fine. Take time to cool down, and to take the loss in stride.

  • Don’t give up - Keep going, keep learning, keep exploring! If it’s what you enjoy, then don’t give up, take a break if you need to, but don’t give up! You can bet I’ll be jumping straight back in, head held high, with more experience in hand, ready to enjoy the thrill, now that I’ve reconfirmed how dangerous this occupation is.

Fly safe out there o7
-Explorer Runni, Signing off-


Fascinating stuff :clap:
You might look into having a jump-clone with no implants available - jump to that ‘empty’ clone for exploring, and back to your ‘training’ clone for idle and logged-off periods. There’s a mechanism to do with the station your jump-clone is in (I’m not sure what) that avoids the 24-hour delay before you can switch clones again - could someone who knows all about it comment please ?

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I think to avoid the 24 hour cooldown, you would have to have a jump clone installed in a Player Owned Station with cloning enabled. You’d then need to be on the same station, then jump into the clone in that station to swap with no cooldown.

Or at least that’s what I recall reading, although I haven’t tried it myself as it is a few jumps to the closest PoS I have access to!

It’s not a bad idea actually, I’ll have to consider it. Although, I really shouldn’t have been podded, it was my own dumb mistake that caused it, since if you jump as soon as you die, you should be able to get out >.< (I’m also pretty lazy and forgetful, so if I did swap, I might forget to swap back or might not be bothered to do it in the first place!)

I might give it a go next time I explore, and have the one I jump to maybe have some exploration related implants instead. That probably would be useful, so thanks for the tip :3

Thank you for these logs. Not only are they fun to read, but they will hopefully save me from making at least a few mistakes I will make myself, as I’m starting in a similar course

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Always be suspicious when you see a single site, the best sign is that something is wrong.

Depending on how you use a D-Scan look to see if there are any wrecks somewhere, it is also a good indication that the system is not as empty as it looks.

Not always my friend, one day you will meet Sabre, or lazzy cloaked HIC :laughing: :heart: :+1:

I’m glad that they are helpful and that you enjoyed reading them :3
I’ll be rooting for you! Good luck!

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try keep these in mind when I next jump into the wormhole >.<
I’ll probably die a few more times before I really get the hang of it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick Update

So, haven’t posted a log for a bit because of IRL stuff keeping me busy. But I think it was a good thing, since it meant I had plenty of time to mentally reset myself after my previous loss.

I’ll be playing EvE again soon, and you can expect another log within the next week with how I fare jumping back into wormhole space after dying for the first time >.<


You lied. I’ve been reading this because I just got ranked in a wormhole last night. I need the information you’re putting out there to better my chances at survival.

Get back online and explore more so I might learn from you. I’m 3 days into the game. I lost my gnosis to the Spaniards.

KEEP PUSHING FORWARD! I believe in you!

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