Best fun I've had in Eve

Hi everyone, first ever post.

Thought I would try out exploration in Eve a few days back and so I read some sites for advice, fits for frigates etc and eventually opted for a T1 Imicus, although thinking now I might try out the Caldari version. I’d been in a few wormholes, remembering to bookmark an exit and started looting relics/data sites, also got ganked several times but you take the rough with the smooth. However last night was different.

I forgot to bookmark the exit within a second wormhole.

I sat there and groaned at first. Simple mistake I then thought. So I started scanning down other wormholes getting further lost in a system I had no idea which path I had taken. I wasn’t too interested in sites at this point. In the end, I found my way out into Null-space about 35 jumps away from home.

At this stage I wasn’t in any rush to get back home. Null was pretty quiet. I scanned down some sites, picked up around 10mill isk and eventually got back home safely.

To those who are considering exploration especially wormholes, I say go for it and don’t be too worried about getting lost. I had great fun actually being lost and trying to find my way back. Would absolutely do it again 100%. Although I might start to bookmark a few exits first next time.

Best evening ever!


Well done for delving in. There are clues with you show info on a WH about where they lead which can help when finding your way around. will help.

There are a number of third party websites that can track your in game movements through chains and help with the issue of not remembering where you cane from etc. Have a look at &, to name a couple

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@Giddy_McFee & @Guiliano_Thellere

Thanks both for the links. I’ll have a good read of them. :smile:

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